From Chris Pratt’s latest role in Guardians of the Galaxy, to Jason Momoa’s role in Aqua Man, many people ask the question: just how do these men get in such good shape?

Celebrities use a number of different ways to get in shape, from personal trainers, to workout supplements, to even having their own personal chef.

While the general public may look in awe, at the awesome shape that these celebrities are in, what they don’t realize is it’s possible for all of us to get in the same shape, too.

With that in mind, here are some specific tips on how actors got in shape for their movies.

Jason Momoa – Aqua Man

 After seeing his chiseled abs on screen, many people wonder just how they can get six pack abs like him. Many people are wondering just what Jason Momoa does to keep in shape.

For his latest role in Aqua Man, Jason Momoa used a number of ways to get in shape. According to Momoa himself, he gets his workouts done first thing in the morning.

“I get up at 5am and I train hard,” he says. “I’ve got two young children, so I have to get up early, but I like it. Morning is when I do all my best work,” he adds.

This isn’t far from the truth – many of the richest people in the world get up early, sometimes even earlier than 5am, according to Forbes Magazine.

Chris Pratt – Star Lord

Another popular celebrity, Chris Pratt, had to get in tremendous shape for his latest role as Star Lord, in the smash hits “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers: End Game.”

He attributes a lot of his great shape to his workout routine, which is a split, consisting of various machine and free weight exercises, according to Muscle and Strength.

He also stated that he set a firm deadline, and held himself accountable. As with any health and fitness routine, whether it be a diet or a workout, this is the most important thing.

You can’t accomplish anything without hard work and dedication, but as you’ll soon find out, many celebrities also use workout supplements to help give them an edge.

Bradley Cooper – American Sniper

For his role in American Sniper, Bradley Cooper went to extraordinary lengths to look good for the camera. From using pre workout supplements, to following a very strict workout regimen, it’s clear that he was dedicated from the start.

Jon Anthony, who runs a men’s fitness and self-improvement website known as Masculine Development, weighs in on this. “A lot of celebrities use pre workout,” he says.

“It helps give you a boost when you’re tired from a long day of work, or just didn’t get much sleep after the latest photoshoot,” he adds.

In addition to using supplements, he never missed a workout, according to his trainer. “Bradley never missed a workout,” Walsh said. “He came in early, trained brutally hard, and followed the supplement plan to the T,” his personal trainer added.

Zac Efron – Baywatch

Perhaps one of the most impressive physiques in this entire list, was that of Zac Efron in his role for Baywatch, featuring the infamous Rock.

With such brutal competition as Dwayne Johnson, it was clear that Zac Efron had to step up his game, and he did it by following a very strict diet and workout regimen.

Patrick Murphy, a Los Angeles based trainer, was the secret behind Efron’s success. “His movie training program involved an ever-changing approach,” he says, “involving full-body workouts, two-day splits, three-day splits, power training, strength training, and more.”

Now while we don’t all need a personal trainer, it can certainly help. The right trainer keeps you accountable and helps provide you with tips and advice that you may not otherwise know of.