Best Value Orlando Theme Park Tickets




Known for Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland, SeaWorld, and more, Orlando attract millions of visitors each year. And while there’s no question that the various theme parks are the perfect gateways for all visitors, their tickets surely do come with a hefty price, especially if you’re visiting as a large group or a big family. Luckily, when it comes to budget-friendly tickets, there are some general rules that apply to pretty much every theme park in Orlando.

Buy a Multi-Day Ticket

Naturally, theme parks want you to extend your stay. This is why you’ll find that the more days you buy, the lower the daily entry will cost you and the longer you stay, the higher discounts you’ll get. Adding just an extra day or two to your ticket can save you a significant amount of money. However, at Disney World, discounts on multi-day tickets only extend to tickets with 3 days or more.

Upgrade to an Annual Pass

If you’re a regular visitor who’s sure to be attending more than once a year, then you should consider upgrading to an annual pass. Annual Passes are the cheapest “bulk” or “wholesale” pricing deal available, and most tickets can be upgraded to annual passes while you’re still in the park. Besides saving money on your daily entry, most annual passes also save on many in-park purchases such as original merchandise, food and drink, and even parking.

Always Compare Prices

Always compare the prices for tickets that legitimate websites are offering because they usually tend to undercut each other’s offers, creating a constantly changing market of competing rates. The people at Orlando Attractions tickets explain that by comparing prices from multiple sources, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance of getting a good, affordable rate. Make sure that the ticket vendor you choose is certified and registered to avoid scams. These scams happen more than what you may think. 

Spring For a Package 

You can save a significant amount of money at any of Orlando’s major theme parks if you spring for a package that combines your tickets with a hotel stay, and sometimes even meals. Additionally, in some parks, staying in the on-ground hotel can also offer you bonus perks such as free parking and line-skipping privileges.

Consider Add-Ons

If you’re on a budget or are unsure of which facilities, privileges, and options are preferable, a good insider tip is to purchase the basic discounted ticket and add the suitable options later on when you arrive at the park. Adding each option will cost you less than investing in a ticket with endless choices that you probably will not use.

Ask About the Military Privileges

Active or retired US members of the military can get great deals and discounts at all Orlando theme parks. For example, in Disney World, military personnel get special discounts on 4 or 5-day passes along with a discounted Park Hopper option so that you can move around the park freely.

Orlando’s theme park tickets can devour your vacation budget, but they don’t have to. From discounts and promotions, to multi-day tickets and annual passes, these golden tips can help you enjoy a refreshing, aquatic ride at SeaWorld or channel your inner child at Disney World for much, much less.