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Is your car winter ready?

Snowy Road

We’ve officially had the first frost of this winter season and there is only one way the mercury set to go – down! It is important that we are prepared for the approaching cold weather, and there is no better place to start than arming your car with some winter essentials that will help you should you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Snowy Road

Up to Date Maintenance

You should ensure that your car is properly maintained and has an up to date MOT. Your tyres should be inflated to the recommended PSI and the tread should be a minimum of 3mm. Weather conditions are interchangeable and bad weather conditions can increase stopping distances and increase the likely hood of skidding. Also, it is essential to have a quality portable tyre inflator that you can easily carry along during long trips. Best to check out Best of Machinery reviews of tire inflators if you want more details.

If you are conscious about how much maintenance will cost in the lead up to Christmas, or even as we head into the New Year, you don’t have to sacrifice car safety. Instead, you can seek out finance solutions that allow you to pay for essential car maintenance with help from your car. You can take out a Logbook Loan and borrow as little as £500 up to £100K, which will be secured against your car. You can then use this money to make the necessary changes to your car and drive safely throughout the winter months.

Ice Scraper

Particularly useful in the frosty mornings an ice scraper is a must -have item to have in your car.  Early morning precipitation freezes over on the car windscreen and windows to produce a layer of ice that prohibits visibility before you even set off. Some will argue that using an ice scraper can cause damage to your window however if you change your scraper when it looks worn out there is nothing to worry about it. It is a lot better than waiting on the radiator thawing it out or driving with poor visibility.

Jump Leads

A flat battery can leave you in a rut. Keeping a set of jump leads to restart your battery if required will keep you on the move, and perhaps even ‘jump’ to the rescue of other motorists who may have a flat battery!

Warm Clothing/Blankets

This may seem a bit melodramatic, but cast your memory back to the traffic jams of 2010 and 2017 -caused by blizzards. If you find yourself stuck in your car you will be thankful of some extra layers to keep you comfortable until you can get moving again. In the very worst case, if you have to leave your car you will definitely benefit from some extra protection against the elements. It should be noted that the general rule of thumb is to NOT leave your car abandoned as this could cause a build-up of traffic and have a detrimental effect on other road users. The aim is to get everyone moving as quickly as possible, when it is safe to do so.

Antifreeze and Windscreen Wiper Fluid

Although keeping your car windscreen clear is a must all year round, in winter it can be more challenging with salt spray from the roads, frost and snow to contend with. Keeping extra windscreen wash in your car along with some anti-freeze will keep your windows clear; and help stop frost forming in the first place.


Shovel and Salt

Sometimes a LOT of snow can fall very quickly. A small shovel in the boot of your car is a useful tool to help dig you out of adverse situations, and clear snow and ice from your car route. De-icing salt will help to melt ice and gain traction on the road helping you on your way. You don’t need a lot of salt – a small ‘carry bag’ is enough for your emergency kit! 

If you don’t have any salt don’t worry; you can contact your local distributor, Salt and Grit Solutions Ltd. Based at North Arkleston Farm in Paisley, you can purchase as little as one small bag of de-icing salt, to full pallets, bulk bags and large loose loads. Salt and Grit Solutions Ltd are committed to helping keep you safe this winter.

www.saltandgritsolutions.co.uk  0141 8891455