When it comes to cold weather, many homeowners find themselves dreading astronomical power bills. Luckily, throwing out your portable heater and compromising your warmth is not the only way to significantly reduce your electricity consumption. There are tons of methods of improving the general energy efficiency of your home during winter months. Considering these top tips will help you save while keeping your home cosy in winter.


Switch To Gas Oil

Homes that are powered entirely on electricity boast extremely high power bills. Considering gas oil is up to 30% cheaper in comparison to electric, it would be wise to consider making the switch. You can also further your savings by purchasing your gas from reliable suppliers such as Beesley Fuels. Purchasing directly from a supplier rather than filling your canisters at a filling station will be significantly cheaper. Keeping a backup generator would also be a fantastic choice that will prepare you for potentially harsh weather conditions that may result in blackouts.


Keep The Heat Low

Rather than avoiding the use of your portable heaters, you could reduce your energy consumption and keep your home warm by keeping the heat settings low. However, it would be wise to make the effort of keeping heat in by shutting windows and doors. Heaters are often the perfect solution for homeowners who do not have a fireplace installed. Even though keeping a fire burning would be ideal for your pocket and your comfort, switching to a gas heater on a low heat setting can be an effective alternative.


Install Storm Windows

Storm windows are the perfect solution for preventing heat loss in your home. Even though these fantastic window additions are not new to the market, they have definitely been improved. You will be able to leave them on all year long and are simply great for improving the energy efficiency of your home. The small investment will go a long way in reducing your energy bill and keeping your home ideally warm through the winter months.


Seal Air Leaks In Your Home

The effort of sealing air leaks throughout your home is essential for maintaining heat levels. It would be wise to purchase an infrared thermometer to help you detect locations of air leaks. The handheld device will help identify warm and colder areas which will be greatly beneficial for locating tiny air leaks that you would otherwise not be able to find. 


Insulate Your Attic

Installing insulation in your attic will drastically reduce heat loss. Even though most homes should have insulation in attics, although it would be a great idea to assess the quality of the insulation and determine whether or not you may need to install additional or new insulation. If you need to add more, you should opt for a loose-fill rather than fibreglass batts as loose-fill will be able to get into the crevices. You could also consider saving by handling the project on your own. However, it would then be wise to rent a blower and prepare adequately.


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