While there’s plenty to see and do in Renfrewshire, when the cold weather hits, you’ll most probably be looking for an excuse to stay indoors.

So why not ensure that your home is fit and ready for winter, and for those cosy days and nights spent at home?

Here are a few ideas that will make you feel warmer in no time.

Light Up Your Fireplace

Nothing says winter and the Christmas season more than a crackling fire. A fireplace can often make or break a room if you’re looking for an attractive focal point. If you’re looking for home improvements to be made this season, a working fireplace should definitely be at the top of your priority list if you’re searching for a more inviting home.

Or, if you already have a fireplace and it’s fallen a little to neglect, spruce it up a bit with seasonal candles and ornaments and direct your furniture towards it for a better winter hideaway.

You could even consider a balanced flue gas fire; this energy-efficient option eliminates all drafts, meaning you can stay warmer for longer.

Roll Out the Area Rugs

If you don’t have carpet in your home, this can make your home feel a lot colder in the winter months (unless you have underfloor heating, of course!). Area rugs replace the need to get a new carpet fitted entirely and allow you to place something soft and warm beneath your toes. Area rugs also help to make your room look more comfortable, especially in warm colours like red or orange.

They can easily be rolled up and stored away during the summer if you don’t want rugs laid down all the time.

Pillows and Throws Galore

There’s nothing that a good squishy pillow and soft throw can’t do when it comes to improving a room. Kit out your sofa and living space with large, comfy cushions, perfect for those winter nights in watching a movie or reading a book.

If you have a leather sofa, large fluffy throws are great for eliminating the cold material and making your sofa a little more bearable during the cold weather.

Keep Cosy Clothing by the Front Door

It can often be unbearable to step into your cold, dark house after a long day at work before it’s had chance to heat up properly when you arrive home. Why not keep some cosy attire in easy reach for as soon as you walk through the door? That way you’re best prepared as soon as you arrive back. This could be a pair of fluffy socks, slippers, cardigan, or dressing gown, ready to pull on and hide away from all your responsibilities (for as long as you can, at least).

There you have it! Now you have no excuse not to make your home the cosiest and most inviting it can be this winter. Just do whatever makes you happiest (and warmest) and use soft furnishings to bring out the comfort.