Top Tips On Selling Your House Quickly And Easily

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Selling your home can be a stressful, long experience, but it doesn’t have to be. WWith so many different people involved and so many legal, financial and regulatory obligations to fulfil, it can be overwhelming and challenging to have your property sold, particularly if you want a quick house sale. For those who want to make the process as hassle-free as possible, there are many ways to ensure that your house is sold swiftly so that you can move into your new home and carry on with your life.

Make Your Home As Attractive As Possible

When selling your home, make sure that it looks tempting to buyers. It should be homely and welcoming without being too personal, so that it appeals to a variety of people and so that they can see the potential beneath your décor. Basics such as tidying up, mowing lawns and fixing any problems are a must, but there are also more radical ways you can make your property appeal to those viewing it. There are many companies on the market that offer home staging services, where an experienced design team can turn your ordinary property into the perfect show home ready to welcome and delight prospective buyers.

Set A Realistic Price

Make sure that you set a price that is inline with your home’s market value, so that you don’t find yourself being overlooked or offered less than your property data is worth. Set a realistic price that is slightly above the minimum you are willing to accept so that you have room for negotiation if you need it.

Time Your Sale For Optimum Success

Spring is generally considered the best time of year to sell your home, as longer daylight hours and the Easter holidays mean more people will be available to view your property, but each season offers its own unique benefits and challenges. Choose the perfect time to showcase your home’s beast attributes and ensure that any potential buyers see the garden and surrounding area at its best.

See What Others Are Doing

Check out the listings for neighbouring homes and see if there is anything that they are doing that can be incorporated into your approach, for example emphasising a particular local feature or landmark. After all, if other houses in your area are selling well then you can learn from them to make sure that your property also is sold quickly.

Work With A Trusted Agency

Advertising, organising and managing your home sale can be a vast feat, so work with a reliable home selling agency such as FastBuy Properties, who will provide a quick, reliable service online, leaving you free to carry on with your life safe in the knowledge that your home sale is being taken care of by trusted experts.

Select The Quickest Buyer

If you’re lucky enough to have more than one offer made on your property, explore how quick each buyer can be before you make your choice. Ask whether or not each buyer has a chain, or if they can relocate immediately. Any issues such as being self-employed or having a poor credit score could cause problems when the buyer goes to get a mortgage, so ask if they have already been given a mortgage promise by their chosen lender. Those who haven’t done their research may hold the process up, so avoid them where possible. Try to work with proactive buyers who seem to know what they want and have everything together, as they will be most likely to facilitate a swift sale.

Be Organised and Flexible

Once you have accepted an offer, work closely with the buyer and everyone on their team to make the process as quick as possible. There will be many different people involved, so make sure you keep track of everything that is going on, such as surveys, any improvements that need doing before the sale goes through, and the exchange of paperwork. After all, you don’t want the sale to be held up simply because you forgot to fill out a form or were not available to let the surveyor onto the property. Be flexible and try to work around everyone else’s schedule where possible so that the process is smooth and swift.

Choose A Reliable Moving Service

If your property is not vacant when you move then you will need to make sure that you select a supportive, comprehensive moving company that can take the stress out of your move and leave you to get settled in your new space. If your new property is far away from your previous home then consider using a trusted, nationwide company such as Pickfords to help you relocate, as they will have the expertise and solutions to make the process easy and quick.