UK has a large Cleaning market; thus, it is a great idea to be a cleaner in South London. This industry contributes about 24 billion GBP every year to the UK Economy. Moreover, this industry creates a job for more than 700,000 people. That is why; many people are thinking of becoming a cleaner. In this guide, we will guide you on how you can start your own cleaning business at a low cost.

How to Start?

There are many types of cleaner. So, you need to decide what kind of cleaner you want to be. When it comes to cleaning, there are three markets: specialist, commercial, and domestic. The type you choose depends on your expertise and experience. But there is nothing wrong with doing some research to find which market has more potential in your area.


Yes, a cleaning job requires you to have some qualifications. If you are working in the domestic market then you do not need any. But if you are going to enter in the specialist or commercial market then you need qualification and all the advanced tools and equipment for the job.


Before starting any business or company, you should have a good business plan. It is a document that helps you throughout your venture from the start. A business plan includes various important things like a financial plan, marketing channels, and research.

Find Clients

No business can grow without the clients. You should have a strong marketing channels to find customers for your business. The marketing strategy depends on the market you are in. The marketing channels for domestic will be different for the commercial market.

Growth Plan

If you are in a commercial market, then you need to be big. A cleaning business has the potential to grow from a small company to a big company with many employees. As the number of clients increases, you need to hire more cleaning staff. You also need to know all the labor laws such as National Minimum Wage Legislation.

Top Tips from A Pro

We have asked many pro cleaners to give some tips to the people who want to start their own cleaning company. The tips are as follows:

Be Prepared

Starting a new business is not easy. But If someone succeeds, it is rewarding. You need to be prepared for any challenge as your business grows. You need to manage your staff and variations in your income.


There is nothing wrong with getting advice where possible. An expert opinion can help you with your business operations. Also, take advice from different financial advisors.

Unusual Requests

Cleaning business is not an easy one and there are possibilities of unusual requests from the clients. So, be ready!


Insurance is really important for your business. It also gives your customers confidence, when you are working on their property. It is also necessary to have employer’s liability insurance to do business in the UK. If anything goes wrong while working, the insurance can help you get out.


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