The largest town in Scotland, Paisley lies to the west of Glasgow and is the perfect romantic getaway to escape to when in the Scottish Isles. Largely overshadowed by major cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, Paisley is slowly emerging as a popular location for couples to spend some quality time together. With a plethora of wonderful locations to explore including some very cosy and romantic spots, it is well worth a visit when you plan a weekend getaway with your partner. The lasses have it good with the number of lads outnumbering them three to one. On the other hand, for the guys to score with the ladies in Paisley and the surrounding towns and cities, there are premium online dating platforms like the Quickflirt website, to meet plenty of prospective partners.  Once they have a gorgeous date some of the best spots to head off on a date include:

Coats Observatory: There perhaps is nothing more romantic than gazing into the stars filled the night sky with your bae, at the perfect location – Coats Observatory. It was bequeathed to the town courtesy of the Paisley Philosophical Institution. The oldest observatory in Scotland, it was the first of its kind to offer residents a view of the firmament and beyond. During winter it is open to the public twice a week, so if the weather is not too nippy, it is the perfect spot to spend an evening with your date. If the weather is inclement, take a tour of the cutting edge planetarium and go on a VR tour of the universe. Could you find anything possibly more romantic in Scotland!

Hamills Waterfall: Another spot popular with couples in Paisley, is Hamills Waterfall near what used to once be Anchor Mills, that should be on your itinerary of places to visit in town. The mills shut shop in 1980, with redevelopment having taken place with businesses and private homes. The falls are picturesque and ideal to visit on a warm sunny afternoon. Make the occasion more memorable by carrying a picnic hamper with delicious treats and a bottle of prosecco or wine, while finding a comfortable spot to settle down and enjoy the stunning view.

Sma’ Shot cottages: Take a journey into the past back in time to the 1800s with a visit to the quaint Sma Shot Cottages. These have been meticulously recreated to resemble the humble abodes of weavers in the 1800s, and offer a fascinating insight into the lives of those early inhabitants. Apart from relics and artifacts from those times there even is an archive of sepia-tinted photographs. With three areas to explore, one section is the loom area where the weaver’s would have spun yarn and two sections that served as their living quarters. A visit with your date will be a captivating experience where you’ll get to imagine how life would have been back in the early 18th century, without the distractions of social media and all the other mod cons of life in contemporary times. After the tour, head for some refreshments at the onsite café.

Barshaw Park: Those couples looking to spend some quiet downtime in each other’s company will find Barshaw Park the ideal spot to head to. Settle down on one of the benches and enjoy the tranquil surroundings, while whispering sweet nothings to each other. If both of you are fitness conscious enjoy a workout together at the outdoor gym. The highlight of the park is its hidden gem, a beautiful little garden perfect to explore together hand in hand as a couple.


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