Boredom strikes when we least expect it. We might have a million great ideas for when we get home, but as soon as we do – boredom strikes. That initial surge of positive energy has somehow disappeared. Sound familiar?

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It does for too many of us. Overcoming boredom requires creative solutions (or a list of 5 great boredom busters!) to get your life back in motion. Oftentimes we are not bored because there is nothing to do, or because we do not want to do anything. We get bored because there is a problem that has not yet been addressed. That problem can be our desire to do something, while actually being unable to. Situations like this can eliminate our perceived interest in everything else. These situations arise all the time and everyone overcomes them in different ways. Below are 5 great boredom busters to save you from those dull moments.

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2) Stay Busy
While it may seem logical that to avoid boredom we simply have to keep ourselves busy with something. This is partly true, but there is also the danger of burning ourselves out in the process – we need to take a break sometimes. Too much rest and we find ourselves in that dull and empty feeling of not wanting to do anything. Finding the right balance between activities like reading, playing online games at Gamblizard and resting is a sure way of never feeling bored again, as long as you follow that routine.

Keep in mind that your schedule should be fun and entertaining. Routinely following a schedule you hate, would be hard. Try to fill as many joyful activities and hobbies in there are you can and remember to leave some room for resting as well.

3) Do a Small Chore

It might seem tedious and possibly even annoying at first, but doing a little chore or something simple that we know we have to do, might just be the nudge we need. This is psychologically proven that we get a sense of achievement from even the smallest accomplishments. For example by washing the dishes or taking out the trash. This is because getting something done (that we know we have to do at some point) will trigger our brain to release a reward – a small dopamine rush.

This is often the motivating touch we need to get moving and continue working towards our goals. Dopamine also helps create a sense of relaxation and enables us to feel positive.

4) Exercise or Meditate

One of the side effects of boredom is fatigue. Feeling as if there is nothing left, like running on fumes. We know it all too well. This can be caused by a hormone imbalance – excess amounts of sleepiness hormones (progesterone, thyroid hormone, etc.).

A great way to overcome this imbalance is to regularly exercise and/or meditate. This can be done alone, with groups or with a partner. It is entirely up to you. Regular exercising and meditation allow you to get back control over your organism and regain some lost energy.


5) Getting Your Compass Straight

Sometimes boredom strikes because we feel lost. Not having a purpose in life. This is a common symptom of the modern age and can luckily be cured quite easily. By looking within and genuinely searching for what you want your life to look like.

Only we can create meaning and purpose for our life. Sometimes boredom represents a lack of direction in life.

In Conclusion

Boredom is rarely a sign of having nothing to do. Instead, it represents a problem or a lack of imagination and too little risk-taking. Life gets interesting upon leaving our comfort zones, be it trying something new of overcoming our fears. With these 5 boredom busters, you are guaranteed to beat boredom at every turn.



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