Greece has become a top travel destination in the world today, particularly the Cyclades and none more than the island of Mykonos. 

Fondly called ‘The Island of The Winds’, Mykonos has a rich history steeped in Greek mythology. Famous for its stunning white sand beaches, clear sapphire blue waters and blazing granite rocks, the island receives over 30 million visitors each year and boasts of having one of the most thriving tourist sectors not just in Greece but in Europe as a whole.


Mykonos has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot, dry, and sunny while winters are generally mild and wet making it perfect for travelers seeking warm temperate weather. There are quite a number of landmarks that make for great tourist attractions like the Mykonos Windmills, Little Venice, Paraportiani Church and the Armenistis Lighthouse.

Getting Around Mykonos

Visitors can access the island through Flights, Boats and Ferries. The flight from Athens to Mykonos takes only 25 minutes. High speed water vessels navigate between Athens and the surrounding islands on a daily and timely basis.

What to Do In Mykonos

There is versatility about the island of Mykonos in terms of activities to engage in. That means that there is something for everyone to enjoy. For the traveller intending on sightseeing, there are numerous sites and attractions scattered across the historic island. Tours and cruises are also available for a fee. 

Mykonos is famous for its nightlife. Clubs and beaches hold parties every night drawing both locals and visitors alike to enjoy music, dancing and mingling. Famous clubs include the Cavo Paradise and Babylon. 

For a more laid back experience, one could take long walks around the island, taking in the traditional whitewashed and blue scenery of the villages, mixing with locals and making friends along the way.

Where to Stay In Mykonos

Being a major tourist destination and with a thriving economy primarily driven by the tourism industry, there are a flurry of hotels and resorts from the highbrow to the most affordable options to choose from to make for a comfortable and relaxing stay on this ethereal island.

The Adorno Beach Hotel and Suites, a new hotel in Mykonos, Greece, is one of the islands best kept secrets. Located in Ornos, the suite complex stands mere yards away from the sea. The architectural design of the complex and interior aesthetics of the spacious rooms are in perfect congruence, honoring the natural feel, scenery and traditional aesthetics of the island. It is the perfect getaway for travelers seeking a taste of Mediterranean European lifestyle.

The establishment offers luxury yet affordable accommodation in varying prices, sizes and capacities, some of which come with a sea view, Jacuzzi and private pool. They are all tastefully furnished to give that warm relaxing sensory experience, a home away from home.


Mykonos is all about comfort and relaxation. It is perfect for guests looking to get away from the routine of the world. Slow down and enjoy everything the culturally rich and beautiful island has to offer. 


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