Scots and Finns apparently don’t have anything to speak about together for hours… Except when it comes to their hobbies. Well known for their like of spending at the pub with friends, there’s another hobby gathering Scots and Finns: playing online casino games! 


What do Scots and Finns have in common?


Scottish people are famous for their hospitality, great sense of humour as well as their passion for having a good time – be it at a local pub with a pint of beer or playing bingo with a bunch of high school friends. Finns visiting Paisley will definitely find this laid-back cheerful atmosphere very familiar. 


Just like the Scots, Finnish people love their adrenaline-infused hobbies, and one of the most popular is placing bets at Finnish land-based casinos or playing through very secured online casinos. Online gambling is legal in Finland, however, there is a strict government monopoly in the gaming industry.


Online casino guides help to select reputable online casinos


Finnish players are free to choose online casinos that are located outside the Finnish borders. Such casinos are not regulated in Finland and it is up to the players to make the right decision when it comes to selecting a reputable provider.


Typically, Finnish players tend to find various casino guides such as:, which have been carefully compiled to provide an accurate up-to-date overview of licenced online casinos and available casino bonuses. 


Technology and appetite for gaming fuel the industry


Overall, the Nordic gambling industry, which consists of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, is one of the leaders in the world of iGaming. With the spread of internet and mobile technology in Scandinavian countries, a growing appetite for online gambling has been observed. This comes as no surprise, given the fact that Scandinavians are known to be extremely tech savvy with a keen interest in technology and internet products. 


Scandinavian iGaming industry is also highly influential globally thanks to its famous gaming software providers, such as Betsson and NetEnt, to name a few. These providers are highly regarded all around the world for their excellence in providing leading online casinos with a sophisticated range of well-crafted software solutions that power hundreds of online slots and table games. 


What’s next: state monopoly or free market?


As it stands today, both online and offline gaming in Finland, Sweden and Norway are regulated by government authorities. Denmark was the first country to allow private operators to obtain licences to offer sports betting and casino entertainment. This resulted in an increase of revenues generated from online gambling and boosted Nordic iGaming industry. 


On the whole, the Scandinavian market has a lot of potential, however, to open new opportunities and increase revenues, currently present government monopoly should be removed. Licences should be made available to both foreign and private operators, which would enable players to choose their favourite games and casinos more freely. 


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