There have been a number of changes through the online gambling laws in South Africa. Therefore, we will help you catch up with the current state of online Gaming in the country. Here, we clear up the issue that has held back the opportunity of hundreds of thousands of players that wish to enjoy the opportunities online gambling presents. 


The Legalities of Gambling in South Africa


It wasn’t until 1965 when the first Gambling Act came into effect across South Africa. During the time which had passed the industry also went through its own changes. The clear factor of change happened when the opportunity to gamble became accessible across the Internet. 


The first update of the South African Gambling Act came in 2004, which outright banned online gambling in South Africa, despite the National Lottery being a service which was open across all avenues.


The law then shifted in 2011 and went on to clarify that online gambling would only be illegal if done inside of the South African borders. This is to contribute clarification which became the biggest loophole since the false moustache was invented.


The escalation of online sources reached its peak in March 2019 with studies from recording record numbers of online players registering to online casinos outside of South Africa and finally getting their hands on the selection of online casino slots and live dealer games and sports betting bookies. 


Legal Practice of Online South African Casinos


So, how does this work? Well, this is certainly not a first for online players, this rule of thumb is constantly seen across many more countries around the world. Politically, it can be seen a dangerous step for a government to advocate gambling in any form, taboo policy reform could cost votes.


Online operators looking to exercise their business model in South Africa will have already been licensed by some other regulatory body. This allows for casinos to make the next approach. The National Gaming Board will approve their business after some check and following a fee. The casino is now able to service players that are based in the South African regions. 


There’s No Gamble in Gambling Anymore


Players can now enjoy the free reign of nowe kasyno online casinos online. They are able to access jackpots that are still paid in ZAR currency, and they can use South African compatible banking service. The world of gaming has now far outreached the appeal of the national lottery. 


Take heed though, for players that fall foul of the laws can receive a prison sentence and fine. For your safety, stick with certified comparison sites to find the correctly licensed online casinos available in South Africa. 


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