Cannabis, regardless of use, has always been immensely popular.  Until November 1st 2018, where doctors were given the green light to proscribe cannabis oil for medical treatment, it has been illegal in Britain to use marijuana recreationally or medically for decades.  Given the risks of buying cannabis on the streets, both in terms of what you actually get and the legal risks, many are growing cannabis at home. If you are planning to do the same, here’s what you need to know.


Finding a Cannabis Seed Vendor

There are several places where you can buy cannabis seed for home use. Many offer cannabis seeds free shipping, and this is a good place to start. If you want seeds for medical use, it is advised to go for a strain high in CBD.

CBD or cannabidiol has been found to bring pain relief in chronic conditions showing far greater efficacy than pharmaceutical equivalents. CBD oil reduces the number of fits people living with epilepsy suffer and has alleviated symptoms of anxiety.

As such, if you want to reap these benefits, strains that give high CBD quantities are the one to go for. In terms of how it feels, many cite a mellow, relaxed feeling. You can click here to discover regular seeds which you can grow at home.

If, however, you want to grow your cannabis for recreation and leisure use, consider going for a high THC strain. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive element of marijuana, and this provides ‘the high’ feeling to varying degrees. It is a good idea to try different seeds to find the level of THC that is right for you.

Generally, commercial cannabis producers will plant many seeds of one strain and choose the best plant to get the highest quality Cannabis Seeds, CBD Oil, Headshop, Vaporizers, and Smartshop products. As such, nowadays, you can now shop in online stores like and find the biggest selections of quality cannabis seeds at spectacularly low prices.

In all instances go for feminine cannabis seeds as these give much higher yields.

Once you have found your seed vendor, you will need to create the right conditions to grow cannabis.

Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Growing cannabis outdoors is possible in the UK. The climate is predominantly wet, and some strains take to this. If you choose to grow it outdoors, you should try and use an indica dominant strain. This originates from mountains and is more acclimatised to European weather conditions. The best planting times are in April unless the month is unusually cold. In which case hang on until May.

Around October, your cannabis will be ready for harvest.

Growing Cannabis Indoors

As marijuana is not native to the UK and prefers a warmer climate, many opt for an indoor solution. To do this, you will need equipment to help simulate the perfect environment for growing. Equipment needed will include:

  • A grow light – This replaces the sun, and there is plenty of choice in terms of brightness and budget.
  • Tent or liner – This shields your seeds from outside daylight. Tents and liners are designed to be reflective to maximise the output from your grow light.
  • Extraction fan – To maximise CO2 which your cannabis needs to thrive you will need an extraction fan. If you are running a sealed room, you will need A/C unit and CO2 generator instead of a fan. Regardless of your environment, you will need circulating fans to simulate breeze.
  • Carbon filter – This removes the pungent odour the plant emits as it flowers. Prudent in a country where it is illegal to grow it without a licence.
  • Pots/Beds – It is a good idea to use the largest container you can get your hands on to grow in soil. The extra root space will give better, healthier plants. In terms of organic soil or a more synthetic setup, most go for organic.
  • Filtered water – due to the high number of contaminants in drinking water, cannabis seeds respond better to filtered water that is contaminant free.

UK Law and Cannabis

Without a licence, it is illegal to grow cannabis at home regardless of use. If you deal cannabis, you are breaking the law, and if you smoke it recreationally, you are breaking the law.  You can discover what the UK law says about drugs here.

Despite medical cannabis being a proscribed drug, there are several caveats to do this.

  • Doctors can only proscribe it if there is no pharmaceutical alternative.
  • It is unlicensed by the NHS, which means that the chances of actually proscribing the drug and a patient receiving it are slim. This is despite Britain being the largest exporter of medical cannabis in the world with a 44% market share.

As such, many who need CBD for either themselves or a loved one are being forced to break the law. So what kind of sentencing are you looking at should you be caught?

Growing plants at home normally receive a fine rather than imprisonment if the total plants are grown is fewer than nine.

Smoking the drug for recreation is likely to incur a warning for a first offence followed by fines. You will also not flag up as a criminal if you’re vetted for a job. A second offence will incur a fine and third offence could lead to imprisonment.


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