Are you ready for a good laugh? Have you always wanted to play a few funny pranks on your friends and family members?

If you’re ready to enjoy a hilarious moment, there are lots of harmless yet hilarious pranks you can play on the people you know and love.

Check out this gut-busting list of seven super funny pranks you can play on a friend or family member that will have everyone chuckling for weeks.

  1. Harmonica Car

For a super-funny experience, duct tape a harmonica to the grill of someone’s car. When they hit around 40 mph, the wind will make the harmonica sing. It’s not only hilarious but also annoying as heck for the driver which makes it even more hilarious.

  1. Cheesy OJ

This one’s a little gross, but it’s also super funny. Instead of dry orange powder drink mix, add a little powdered cheese to some water and stir. Serve that delicious beverage to your friends and watch them squirm.

  1. Wanted: Dead or Alive

This prank is perfect for the workplace. Create your own custom wanted posters with your coworker’s picture and post them all over the office. It’s a hilarious yet harmless way to get a few laughs at work.

  1. Funny Pranks: The Classic Airhorn Under the Chair

If you really want to get someone going, this prank will get it done. Simply tape an airhorn underneath someone’s chair at work or at home. When they sit down, the air horn will sound and give them the scare of a lifetime.

  1. Fake Bugs

No one really likes to be surprised by insects, and this is one of the all-time classics for funny pranks. Buy some giant plastic spiders or cockroaches and hide them throughout your roomie’s bedroom. You can place the creepy crawlies anywhere including on desks, beds, and in the bathroom to get a few screams.

  1. Snipe Hunt

One good way to get some laughs is to send someone on a “snipe hunt.” Basically, you ask someone to help you look for something that isn’t even there. This could be anything from a lost item to a creature you swear you just saw lurking over in the bushes.

  1. Money Glue-Down

Whether it’s a stack of coins or a dollar bill, this prank is a classic. Use super glue to attach some cash to a sidewalk or table. Then, watch the victim try to pry it off as they get increasingly frustrated.

Pranking is Fun

With these simple yet super funny pranks, you can enjoy a good laugh with your family, coworkers, and friends. Just make sure the pranks you pull are harmless and that no one will get hurt in the process.

A bit of creativity is all it takes to make everyone laugh with your pranks, and they’ll be something everyone talks about for a long time to come.

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