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Searching for the best online casinos is not something that can be done with ease at times. You often find yourself wishing that the right casino would just fall out of the sky. That is why have managed to put together, using their professional analysis in the online casino industry, a range of online casinos that are considered the best and most rewarding, so that your casino wont fall from the sky and instead will fall onto your computer screen, without you having to do the hard work of searching through all online casinos yourself.

How to Choose the Best Casino Sites

There are many factors that you should consider when you want to register with a new online casino. Of course you could simply just choose the first online casino site that you find and just go with them, but the chances are you are missing out on a casino that is better suited to you and will suit your style of gaming, giving you a more rewarding betting experience.


  • Bonuses


Let us not beat around the bush and get straight to the point. One of the most important reasons as to why a customer chooses a specific online casino, is because of the welcome bonus that is offered to them upon registration. It is one of the first things that stand out and what draws players in.


Therefore, you need to find the right kind of welcome bonus for you. There are different types of bonuses that you can find in a welcome bonus, all useful in their own ways. The different types of welcome bonuses that you will commonly find at an online casino include:


Matched Deposit Bonus

Possibly the most common form of bonus that you will find as part of a casino welcome bonus is a matched deposit bonus. This is a very exciting type of offer as it can be very rewarding. For example, you could receive a bonus that is “100% up to £200”. Which means that if you were to deposit £200 on your first deposit, you would be rewarded with an extra £200 in bonus funds, leaving you with a total of £400 in your account.  This would be a great beginning to experience the casino with.


No Deposit Bonus

This is the rarest type of bonus that you can receive from a casino, and there is one simple reason for this, because it is basically the casino giving away a free bonus without any benefit for them. With a deposit bonus, you are depositing funds into your account which you will then spend, therefore this is beneficial for the casino because you are spending your own funds, where as with a no deposit bonus, you do not have to make any form of deposit and you can receive a bonus to then use on the casino.


Free Spins Bonus

A free spins bonus is a very common bonus, especially for a slot casino. Free Spins will only appeal to online slot players because that is the only area where you will be able to use the spins, so it is understandable. Some casinos are more rewarding than others with free spins bonuses, you can find some casinos that offer 50 free spins for example and then others that offer 200. Free Spins bonus is an excellent way to get some risk-free wins. These free spins can also sometimes only be used on selected games, which is something you need to be on the look for.



  • Website Layout & Interface


The casino site itself has to be very appealing to you. All casinos come with their own lay out and interface. Some casinos go for a simple and retro type of theme, whilst others go for a more complex look and make it look more modern. It is down to your personal tastes and preferences to decide which type is better suited to you. You may find that you prefer a modern look. 


As well as this, you want the casino site to be very easy to navigate, so you can find your way around with ease and are not struggling.



  • Casino Games


Another vital importance to choosing an online casino is of course the range of casino games that you can play. The more casino games there are, the better. There are different types of casino games that you can experience, these includes: Video slots, jackpot games, live casino games, table games, scratch cards, bingo games and more.


It is down to you to decide what casinos games are most appropriate for you based on your playing styles. For example, if you know that you are only going to be playing live dealer games, then you don’t want a casino that doesn’t offer live casino games. Or if you want to play progressive jackpot slots, then you want to choose a casino that offers a wide variety of these slot games.



  • Mobile


The casino market has changed massively over the years, as more and more players are only using their mobiles to access online casinos and that is the only place, they are playing these games. Therefore, it is important that online casinos have either an official mobile casino app or have a casino site that has been mobile optimised. If you are a customer that will be accessing these casino sites via mobile, then ensure that the casino either has an official mobile app or have a mobile optimised website.


  • Licensing

Do not sign up to an online casino unless it is licensed under some sort of gambling commission. All of the casinos that you find at Choice Casinos are licensed under some sort of gambling commission, this ensures the safety of customers and make sure that the casino is fair. You can see whether a casino is licensed under some sort of gambling commission by reading the terms and conditions of a casino.



  • Payment Methods


There are many different payment methods that are accepted in the online gambling industry as ways in which you can successfully withdraw and deposit funds to and from your betting account. The only issue is, not every online casino offers every type of payment method. Therefore, there is a chance that your preferred method of payment may not be an option.


This is something that you will have to take a look at prior to registering an account at a new casino, make sure that the payment method you want to use is accepted by that casino. The different types of payment methods include: Debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, phone payment and vouchers.



  • Customer Support


Customer support is an aspect that you may or may not decide to take into consideration when finding the best online casino for you. There may come a time where you are experiencing some problems or difficulties with your betting account, if this is the case then you will need some assistance from the casino. Casinos can assist you in different ways and not every casino has the same type of support. Common types of customer support methods are live chat, email and telephone support. However, some casinos might not offer all of these types and can be quite lazy in this aspect.



  • Software


Online casinos can operate on the same or different software. The software is important because it will deal with the loading speed of pages and also how good the casino runs. You do not want a poor graphical and slot online casino, instead, you will want a fast loading casino that takes you to the pages you want easily and also loads casino games with ease, so thee is no delay, buffering or freezing.

Advantages of an Online Casino

There are many advantages to an online casino. It is actually difficult to know where to start in this aspect and most of these advantages you will be able to realise yourself. 

The first advantage is of course the bonuses. You may or may not have realised that the bonuses that you are given at an online casino, you will not be able to redeem in a brick and mortar casino. It is not just the welcome bonus that we are meaning, it is also existing customer offers too.

As well as this, online casinos are more convenient and immediate for you to play at. Why bother driving or walking to your nearest land casino, when you can simply pull out your mobile device or computer, log in and have access to every casino game by your fingertips. This is so much easier than heading to a land casino. There is also a wider choice in casino games at an online casino than if you were to go to a brick and mortar casino.


Hopefully the tips above will come in handy to you when you decide that you want to sign up to a new casino. At Choice Casinos you can find and excellent range of casinos to suit all of these categories. What is also important to remember is that you need to choose a casino that matches your tastes and preferences. Some casinos are more competitive and better in some areas than others when matched up against another online casino.

Of course you can sign up to more than one casino if you wish, if multiple casinos catch your eyes then why not register with both.