Whether you are an on-screen actor or a voice actor, you need the right tools to help you grow and become a pro. As an aspiring actor, you may not have the resources to create a professional video or audio material to audition for a role, which is why we rounded up the best apps for aspiring actors.

Scene Partner

As an actor, memorising your lines is one of the most important skills that you need. The ability to do this makes it easier to make a character believable. All you need to do is first upload your script into the app, then you can choose a voice that will help you read the lines. Another thing that you can do with this app is record. The app lets you record your voice and practice your lines before going on a real set, or a recording studio. The app is only available on iOS devices.


Actsophia is a fun app for actors who are just starting their acting career. The app is a kind of resource that contains all that you need to know about being an actor. With this app, users can learn about submitting, training, performing, auditioning, and engaging in networking activities.  If you are looking for an app that is easy to use, then you should go for Actsophia. It is also an iPhone app.


This popular app has all that an aspiring actor needs to manage their activities. The app lets users keep track of auditions, expenses, bookings, contacts and more. The app serves as a personal assistant that helps aspiring actors to better plan their day. You can also store your photos including headshots on the app, andget directions to your castings.

Actor Genie

Actor Genie and similar apps are very important tools in the life of an actor. These apps help organize an actor’s schedule and areworth having. This app allows users to find representation, what and who is casting, tips from writers, directors, and established seasoned actors. Actor Genie also provides actors with a list of gyms, photographers, theatres, cinemas, and a host of other important information that actors need to progress in their career.


Research is an important aspect of your job as an actor. You must know everything about a project you are auditioning for including the people involved. You can do a Google search on your computer, but having the IMDb app on your phone can help find auditions. The app is completely free.

Stop Acting

Margie Haber is a top acting mentor who is considered one of the best in the industry. Her coaching skills are known and employed by popular actors and actresses. The Stop Acting app offers Margie Haber’s coaching nuggets and years of tested and trusted methods to aspiring actors who may not be able to book sessions with her, which is great news, right? The app boasts that it can improve aspiring actors by teaching them how to perform their lines and take on a character with confidence. Visit voquent.comvoquent.com  if you want to learn more about taking your acting career to the next level.





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