Security setbacks can be devastating in the business world and must be avoided at all costs. It can be incredibly frustrating to be going through a period of growth and success only to have this stunted by an issue like a virus or data loss, which is why every business owner needs to know a few key steps to prevent a security setback. Unfortunately, cybercrime is a huge problem in today’s digital world and one which will only get bigger over the next few years. It is possible to protect your business and stop any setbacks from occurring with the following steps.


  1. Education

First, you need to educate yourself and your team on what security threats there are and how you can stay safe. Employee negligence is the most common reason for a security issue, so when your team is aware of what the dangers are and how they can avoid them, it should help to prevent any security setbacks. This training should include:

  • Creating strong passwords
  • Not responding to unsolicited emails from people that you do not know
  • Only downloading applications from trusted sources
  • Not sharing sensitive information online
  • Making regular backups of data


  1. Use Secure Networks

In today’s digital era, many employees work remotely, whether this is at home, in a cafe or on the train on the way to work. While this brings many benefits, it can also be dangerous if they are connected to public WiFi as this is a network which is not secure. As it’s not secure, it means that a cybercriminal could gain access. Therefore, it is important that staff only use secure networks for working and using a cheap for VPN for UK when working on public WiFi.


  1. Security Software

Security software can protect your business against a wide range of digital threats like ransomware. This software should always be obtained from cybersecurity specialists like, and the software should be kept up to date so that you are always protected against the latest threats.


  1. Create Regular Back-Ups

Backing up important data is an important security practice that every business needs to do. Backing up data to an external device will ensure that no information is lost if the original version is damaged, lost or stolen. This is a simple security measure but one which is often overlooked and could prove to be incredibly costly if not followed.


  1. Ethical Hacking

Once you have a cybersecurity system in place, then it is a good idea to hire a company that offers ethical hacking services. This is a safe way of testing your security system and identifying any weaknesses which could be exploited so that you can strengthen and create a watertight system.


These five steps should help your company to prevent any security setbacks. There has never been a time where security has been such a big issue for modern-day business primarily due to the continuing rise of cybercrime all around the world. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent a security setback when you know how and make security a priority throughout your organisation.


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