The Mersey Gateway Bridge is located in England between Wildness and Runcorn. Having been opened in 2017 this new route has become more accessible journey through the river Mersey. It is also a route that is quicker and reliable for business transporting and journeys. However the journey of business purpose is a bit different from the ordinary. Let’s see the facts and have all the information before you are to start off your journey.

Charge for Business People Crossing


The cost of crossing the bridge may vary depending upon the type vehicle is being driven. In general the cost of crossing with a class 2 car is £1.80. If you are not registered then the charge will be £2. But when you are travelling for business purpose, you have to often cross the bridge. In that case, it is better to grab the monthly scheme. And the scheme comes with two different packages. One is £90 per month to cross the bridge any time and other comes with £60. The second one allows you to cross in the off-peak time of the day. Now you can estimate which one is better for your purpose and chose the suitable one. 


Pre-Paid Account


You can even create a pre-paid account that operates just like a pre-paid mobile SIM card. In this account all the registered customer need to deposit an amount of £30. And the amount of money will be getting in use for the rent of their journey. 


The authority offers you redemption of 5 to 10 percent in every crossing if you are a pre-paid account holder. And this applicable for each crossing without depending upon the type of car you are driving on. 


Pre-paid Video and Sticker Account


There are two types of pre-paid accounts and they are a bit different from each other. 


As in, the pre-paid sticker account offers you saving a sum of 10 percent in each crossing and a sticker for widescreen. But the pre-paid video account is for only saving of 5 percent in each trip without any widescreen stickers. 


Now there are advantages of having pre-paid sticker account. Besides saving some money, you can easily monitor the traffic and collection of revenue. 


Charge to Register


To create a pre-paid sticker account you have to pay an initial amount £5. That is how you are one of the registered customers to the runcorn bridge toll having the redemptions on every crossing. 


You have to deposit an £30 amount in the account to pay the crossing cost each time you drive. In case the account gets terminated, the deposited money will be refunded. 


You must know that the monthly scheme is only available for class 2 vehicles. No class 3/4 will get the monthly license to cross the runcorn toll bridge. 


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