If you have your friend or family member’s wedding coming up in a few weeks or months, you will need to think about what you will wear. This will depend on what your role in the wedding is, of course. However, assuming you are a guest, you need to be mindful of a few considerations that include not upstaging the bride, what colour you wear, and the style you should opt for. Continue reading for other tips that are beneficial to keep in mind. 


Don’t upstage the bride 

The worst possible thing that you could do at a wedding is to upstage the bride. No matter what you wear, make sure that it isn’t white, and that it does not pull any attention or focus away from the bride. This is the bride and groom’s special day, after all, and you are there to celebrate them, not to distract everyone with your outfit. 


Dress classy 

Weddings are the perfect opportunity for you to dress classy. In other words, men should opt for a suit and tie, whereas women can turn to dresses or a mixture of a skirt with an elegant top. This is not the time or place to wear denim or sweatpants. 


Embrace some colour

Whether this is a summer wedding or not, you should always have fun with the hue and tint of your outfit. Wearing too much black or grey can often dull your mood. Why not, instead, choose from a wide selection of bright colours? If you want to be up to date with the latest colour trends, you can do a quick search to find what some of the most popular colours of the year are, and purchase an outfit similar to those shades. 


As the family of the bride and groom 

If you are the family of the bride and groom, you might be even more at a loss over what to wear. You want to choose something that is special, but not so special that you end up upstaging the couple.


The key is to find classic outfits that are well tailored for your body type so that you make both a smart and fashionable purchase. If you are the mother of the bride, for instance, you want to dress elegantly for your daughter’s wedding. Moreover, you also want to look for a dress that you could re-use for another special occasion. 


Some of the best possible stores that you can turn to to find quality and well-tailored clothes are independent boutiques that specialise in creating outfits for your special occasion. When it comes to weddings, then, you can take a look at what your options are on Froxx, which offers plenty of plus size options for your needs.  


Weddings are always fun and exciting events, and they give you an opportunity to wear something that you couldn’t necessarily wear every single day. Of course, you will hav


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