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PIP or Personal Independence Payment is a welfare benefit in UK. The objective of this welfare program is to help the persons aged between 16 and 64 having long-term health condition or disabilities with extra cost of living. PIP was introduced in 2012 and gradually replaced the DLA or Disability Living Allowance. That means all the new application would be submitted as PIP instead of DLA. This is means-tested benefit implies that the amount you will receive depends one’s current circumstances. However the process of claiming for the PIP is simple.


Placing the Claim


If you think you are having a condition that may come under PIP assistance, place the claim on the government website. To get any kind of help or complete guidance to place a claim calls on PIP phone number. New applicants can make any queries regarding PIP calling this number.





Once you place your claim for PIP, you application will be thoroughly assessed by DWP. They will send you a form asking you to explain how the disability affects your daily livelihood. This is a very important step to fill by you what will decide the assistance amount later. One should fill the form with explicit details and very carefully. The helping assistance PIP phone number is also there if needed.


Review and Thereafter


Once you submitted the eligibly form DWP may ask for medical assessment if necessary. In that case, you have to go through a session with trained or independent medical professional. This will decide the type of assistance you need through IPI. On the basis of the medical assessment DWP will allot the amount and it will be keep tracking your condition.


Social Fund Number


The social fund is a scheme runs by the UK government to assist the citizen financially under crisis. This benefit is designed to help the low income person with money when they really need it. If one find himself in a emergency condition, he/she can call social fund number for the advice or financial help. The financial condition might appear in the form of unexpected expense, cost comes with new baby, disasters like fire or flood etc. The social fund is there to help you financially for the funeral expenses too. 


Getting Help from Social Fund


This benefit enjoyed by the citizens in various conditions, specially, the weaker or low income sections. However the amount and assistance is gives is very different for each case. You can get all the details regarding type of assistance in the official website of DWP. You can make a call on social fund number to understand your circumstance and type of assistance you can avail.


Many different type of payment is available for the people who need it. Some payments are loans only; you have to repay the amount if you are eligible to get this. And the amount must be repaid within a certain time period. However the other payments except loan need not to be repaid. 

Advantages of Budgeting Loan


Budgeting loan is a directly enjoyed benefit from the UK government. It is designed specially for the low income section of the country. The people with low income often get short money for some basis expense. Social fund is there to help them giving money to meet their needs. The money given to people in social fund have two type one is non repayable and another is repayable. The repayable money is served as budgeting loan.


The process of application to the loan is not very hard. You can apply directly in the official website of UK government. If you are eligible for the loan, you will be able to receive the money after 20 days of online application. But it will take 25 days to have the loan if one has applied through post. If one person is making the application for another person then this should be done through post.


One can be eligible for the budgeting loan if he/she has been enjoying some benefits for more than 6 months. These benefits are namely pension credit, income based job seeker allowance, income support, and income related employment and support allowance. However if you think you need money from this and fund, do not hesitate to call budgeting loan number to understand situation on your prospective. 


It is important to remember that budgeting loan may be a government support but it is a loan after all. You have to repay it one you take it. One of the advantages of budgeting loan is that you don’t have to pay the interest on the principle amount. You are to repay only the amount you borrowed. However, you are invited to call on budgeting loan number anytime to know more about this loan and understand it on your prospective.