Why would you need a relocation agent?

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Getting a relocation agent can help to significantly streamline the process of relocating offices, which can often be particularly time-consuming for companies to have to deal with. In this guide, we take you through a variety of reasons as to why you may wish to consider the services of a relocation agent.


Saving on costs


By using a specialist relocation agent when searching for new office space, you can help to reduce costs, making the process of moving much more cost-efficient. But how does that work? Relocation agents typically do not charge fees for their services when looking for the right office space for you to relocate to. Instead, relocation agents will receive a commission from the vendor.


Professional expertise


Relocation agents can help you to find the best office space to suit your requirements. In most cases, relocation agents will work with a wide variety of property developers and landlords, meaning that they can help you to narrow down finding the very best office to meet your needs using their considerable level of experience and expertise of the industry, leaving you to carry on running your business. 


Less time consuming


Another reason why many business owners decide to use the services of relocation agents is that a new office space solution can be found on their behalf without having to spend a considerable amount of their own time trying to find a new location.


How does this work? Relocation specialists are able to narrow down the search for new office space, whether it be to upsize or downsize, on your behalf, removing the need for you to go and visit office spaces one-by-one, which can be a tiresome process.


Relocation agents take into consideration your requirements, searches and inspect office space on your behalf, before then creating a shortlist of appropriate office spaces for you to choose from. Once you have picked office spaces you are interested in viewing, an accompanied viewing day is then arranged for you.


To negotiate leases and commercials


A number of business owners also decide to use relocation agents thanks to the fact that agents can offer and negotiate an offer on your behalf. Having a relocation agent who can help to deal with negotiations, as well as working with legal advisers on your behalf to progress the deal to completion, is a welcome relief for many companies.