As a homeowner, there is no doubt that you are constantly looking for ways to improve the look and functionality of your home. Whether you are taking on large renovation jobs, small fixes, or just adding to the décor, it tends to be a never-ending process. As one space is finished, it’s often time to move on to the next, updating and renovating as you go. If you’ve been looking for projects and items you can add to your home that not only beautify it, add some sort of useful function, yet are a more environmentally-conscious option, then composite features could be the way to go.

Here we’ll take a look at what composite features you could add to your home, giving you plenty of ideas to work with.

Composite Fencing

This is perhaps one of the most common and best uses of composite products for your home. Composite fencing is known for being durable, low maintenance, eco-friendly, able to handle all types of weather, won’t rot or decay, won’t give anyone a painful splinter, and is incredibly sleek looking. With composite fencing, you can choose from all different colours, textures, styles, and sizes and really get creative with your fencing project. 

You can choose to fence in your entire property, or just opt for a few composite fencing panels used strategically for privacy purposes. Be sure to check out for ideas and products that you can use in your exterior fencing design project. 

Composite Decking

While you may be familiar with wooden decking, composite decking offers a more eco-friendly option. It comes with all the same advantages as the fencing does – being low maintenance, no worries of splinters, it won’t rot or decay, and you can choose from different colours and styles that will really make the deck pop.

One complaint that homeowners often have is the care and maintenance on their wooden deck. Regular cleaning, staining, and sealing will be necessary to keep it looking great and holding up for as many years as possible. If you don’t want to have to deal with that constant maintenance, composite decking is the way to go. You also won’t have to worry about it fading in the sun, as wood does.

Composite Pergola

Pergolas are beautiful features to add to an outdoor space, as they provide a bit of shade, and a natural area for relaxing and entertaining. Again you can take advantage of composite materials to build an attractive, low maintenance, and durable pergola. 

Adding Value to Your Home

It should also be noted that anytime you are adding composite features to your home, you are in fact adding value to your home. This can be a huge bonus if you have plans of selling it in the future and are looking to get top dollar for your property. 

Plenty of Uses 

This is just a small look at ways you can use composite features in your home. Composite rails, garden walls, accessories, and furniture can all be incorporated into your design as well.


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