Safety is one of our core values here at aesthetic suites… Why? Well, aside from the fact that it is a fundamental requirement when any kind of service is provided, we also know how important safety is, especially within the aesthetics and private healthcare market.
It is of paramount importance that we practice patient safety right from the first contact. We  make sure that any risks or side effects associated with treatments are made explicitly clear; we ensure that the patient is clear on all treatment options available to them; and most importantly, we carry out a thorough assessment during the initial consultation process to determine which treatments are suitable for the patient, and which are not.

Should we feel that a patient is seeking a certain treatment that we do not think is an appropriate post-assessment, we as medical professionals, refuse to perform any such procedure (not just for safety purposes, but also because we practice integrity.

Aesthetic suites continually stress that all aesthetic procedures are only ever carried out by medical professionals. We are an advanced aesthetic team and highly trained professionals who can spot the signs and administer an antidote if something doesn’t go to plan.