The UK is a great place to live, especially Scotland and England, which offer a host of historical spots, rolling countryside, great coastal locations and plenty to see and do. Whether you prefer taking time to walk and relax in places which offer fantastic views, or you’d rather immerse yourself in the busy crowds of cities and town locations, there’s always something for everyone in both Scotland and England. 


Have a look at the following suggestions to make the most out of your summer plans. 


See Paisley Abbey

This abbey is located on the east bank of the White Cart Water, in the centre of the town of Paisley. The church offers many orders of service and also has a gift shop and coffee shop for you to browse in, along with the exterior grounds which make for a lovely walk where you can truly see the amazing architecture of the abbey itself. The abbey also plays host to lots of events and concerts, if you wanted to plan your trip around when your favourites would be playing. 

There’s plenty to do in the surrounding area, such as the Paisley Museum and Art Gallery.

Try Surrey

Surrey is a great English county which truly has the best of everything. If you’re looking for a little adrenaline this summer, take a trip to Thorpe Park Resort, though this may get a little busier in the peak summer months. Alternatively, Surrey is host to many scenic and spectacular walks, offering beautiful views of the British countryside, including the Surrey Hills, which offer 422 square km of natural beauty. 

Also be sure to visit one of the best gastropubs in Surrey,, for a warm, home-cooked meal and a taste of traditional ale in the summer sunshine. 

Visit Edinburgh

Taking time to see this beautiful capital is a must during the summer sunshine, and a trip to Edinburgh Castle is especially worth it. Edinburgh has a great mix of old and new, with sights in the medieval Old Town alongside elegant gardens and buildings in the Georgian New Town. So whatever your taste, there’s sure to be something to satisfy the needs of everyone. 

If you’d rather avoid the busy market crowds, then try instead venturing on one of Edinburgh’s many walking opportunities, including a walk up to Arthur’s Seat: a high peak in Holyrood Park which will offer spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Try Whitby

This seaside town in the North of England is a must travel destination, especially for literary lovers, who will enjoy a visit to Whitby Abbey, the ruined Gothic building which inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula (and you can see why). Its coastal location means you can enjoy a stroll along the beach as well as in the town, and the best of this is West Cliff Beach, which you’ll find lined with beach huts. 

You can also plan a visit to the Captain Cook Memorial Museum, which displays maps and artwork in the house where Cook once lived. 


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