All too often, the bathroom is the most neglected room in the house. Often bathrooms are cluttered, and frankly, dull. With some clever planning your bathroom can be given an effective makeover that will definitely ensure that it becomes the most popular room in the house. 


Few people have the luxury of a spacious bathroom so the first stage is to take a critical look at your bathroom and decide on which parts you would like to change and set your budget. If spending big on your bathroom isn’t in your plans before selling up shop, Speed Property Buyers can buy any house in the UK for a minimal cost to you.

The stream lined look for bathrooms is definitely a winner. Less junk means that the room looks larger and tidier. Flicking through interior design magazines for 10 cleaver and quirky bathroom ideas and you will soon discover that to use plenty of white is important as this makes the bathroom light and bright. This season’s favourite colours are dove grey and all shades of blue, as both add interest without being over-powering – monochrome is still popular.


Clear the Decks

Think about how you can create more floor space. Is it worth investing in a new pedestal cabinet under the wash basin? A new stylish one is white will look fresh and will not take up so much room as an older design. Is the dirty linen basket too large for the room?  Maybe it can be moved onto the landing or replaced with one of the new linen laundry sacks hang on the back of the door on a coat hook?


Create an Illusion

Ideally to create the illusion of space, patterns on floors and walls should be kept to a minimum. If the tiles on both are looking tired, why not buy some specialist tile paint in soft dove grey or blue and re-paint them? Designers often use the same colour for both floors and walls as this creates an illusion of space. Paint the side bath panel the same shade too as this will enhance the roomy feel. In many modern bathrooms the floor tiles are now being extended up the side of the bath too.

Shower curtains are best kept plain white but if you have the money, why not bring your shower cubicle bang up to date with a glass door instead? Give the ceiling a coat of fresh white paint as this will make a huge difference too.

If you like natural wood, light coloured pine works well in bathrooms and is perfect for mirror frames and bathroom cabinets as well as flooring as it is not a heavy colour so doesn’t make the room feel smaller. If you need hanging space for towels, a trendy light-coloured pine or bamboo towel ladder will look good.  


Mirror, Mirror

Invest in a large modern mirror for the wall as this will have the bonus of reflecting the light and making the room feel larger. Think about the lighting in your bathroom and splash out on a new light fitting to enhance the room’s contemporary feel.


Add a splash of colour

The perfect way to add a zing of colour to your new look bathroom is with your towels and accessories. Choose one colour, such as plum which looks so good with dove grey and use it for towels, tooth beakers, pedal bin and an eye catching ornament. If you prefer you can choose a theme for your bathroom such as coastal, ice creams or nautical. You can also use clever buys to enhance your smart monochrome colour scheme.


And the final touches

A leafy green plant either on the window sill, on top of the wall cupboard or hanging from the ceiling adds a hint of luxury to a bathroom. Several night lights in glass jars add a nice relaxing ambience to the room and of course a glass of wine as you try out your new look bathroom is sheer decadence – enjoy. For more shower room ideas to consider, visit Victoria Plum for trendy tips and tricks.