Did you know that arthritis is something that affects more than six million Canadians? That works out to approximately one in five Canadians who are suffering from this painful disease. And it’s not just adults, as kids are suffering from it as well. Arthritis itself is something of an umbrella term that a Winnipeg naturopath will see everyday, as there are more than 100 different types that a person can suffer from such as gout, rheumatoid, psoriatic, and osteoarthritis.

Simply living with the pain of arthritis isn’t a good enough answer for most people; nor should it be. With so many different treatment options existing today that a Winnipeg naturopath can offer, there is a real chance of finding something that works and at least makes life more comfortable. One route that seems to be growing in popularity is to take a look at what naturopathic medicine can do for arthritis. This Winnipeg naturopath approach may be all that is needed, or it can work hand-in-hand with other treatments.

What is Arthritis?

In simple terms, arthritis is the inflammation of a person’s joints. It isn’t one single disease; rather, it is a disease that is made up of over 100 different types. Each type has its own symptoms, treatments, and causes, which can make it a bit difficult for your Winnipeg naturopath to find that perfect solution.

Arthritis is something that affects both men and women, kids, and adults, and it can appear rather suddenly or develop slowly over time. When left untreated, arthritis won’t just go away on its own nor will it get any better. In fact as a Winnipeg naturopath will tell you, just the opposite is true, as joints can continue to deteriorate, resulting in more damage and more pain. In severe cases, it can even end up causing joint deformity.

Traditional Treatment Routes

As far as the traditional treatment plans go for arthritis, doctors tend to rely on a variety of medications, unlike what a Winnipeg naturopath might recommend. These can include menthol or capsaicin creams to block the pain signals; analgesics to help with inflammation and pain; immunosuppressant to reduce the inflammation; and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as well to help with pain and inflammation. While these can certainly offer results, each has its own side effects that patients need to be aware of and monitor.

In more severe cases, surgery may be needed along with physical therapy.

How Naturopathic Medicine Can Help?

For those who are looking for a more Winnipeg naturopath approach, either to try on its own or in conjunction with an existing treatment, naturopathic medicine can be a great option. Just as its name suggests, this is a natural approach which means you’re not going to have to worry about those same negative side effects that a medication creates.

One treatment that is getting attention is prolotherapy/prolozone, which is showing real promise. Dr Sean Ceaser, a well-known Winnipeg Naturopath, is using this treatment as a way to address the root cause of the arthritic pain. The therapy works to strengthen the connective tissue in the joints, which means the degeneration of the joints stops and so does the pain. As well, he takes a look at diet, and supplements, both of which can offer real results for those in pain.

Exploring the Options

For those who are in pain each and every day thanks to arthritis, the good news is that there are treatments out there that will help to reduce the pain. Winnipeg naturopathic medicine could be a great option to look into.


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