Paisley may be small, but its rich history, beautiful countryside, and nearness to Glasgow mean it has plenty to offer visitors to the region. Filled with a wealth of cultural treasures and great days out, our little town has an array of attractions to enjoy, from abbeys and country parks to museums and art galleries.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list on your behalf. Visitor or local, here are the very best places to add to your itinerary when you want to explore Paisley in all of its glory.

Paisley Abbey

Located on the east bank of the White Cart Water, Paisley Abbey sits in the very centre of town. Dating back to the 12th century, it started out as a Cluniac monastery and has a rich and interesting history that stretches back almost a thousand years. The abbey is known as ‘the cradle of the Royal House of Stewart’, for it was here that the first Stewart king of Scotland, Robert II, was born. As well as learning more of its many stories and admiring its fabulous architecture, visitors can also take advantage of a charming gift shop and coffee house, which are both located on site. Specific tours can be arranged for those who want a more in-depth understanding of the abbey, past and present, and more information on this can be found at  

Coats Observatory 

Another popular attraction among visitors to Paisley is the beautiful Coats Observatory. The oldest public observatory in Scotland, it is currently undergoing a four-year-long refurbishment, which is estimated to cost £42 million by the time it’s complete. Although this means its interior is currently closed to the public, the observatory can still be admired from the outside (, and its gorgeous architecture is well worth taking a look at. Dating all the way back to 1883, it is a prime example of the Victorian Gothic style, so history lovers in particular should enjoy taking a trip here.     

Alea Casino

If historical attractions aren’t up your street, Paisley has plenty of other fun ways to spend a day, and taking a trip to the Alea Casino is one of them. Sited on Paisley Road, it’s technically located in Glasgow, but it takes no time at all to reach it from the town centre. A spectacular Vegas-style casino, Alea markets itself as ‘Scotland’s ultimate entertainment venue’, and it has plenty to offer come evening, from slots to poker to fantastic food from its onsite restaurant. If you want to brush up your skills and get a feel for what’s available before you visit, you could always visit an online casino like This will give you the opportunity to try your hand at everything from live blackjack to roulette, so you can get a feel for what you’re good at before you go.     

When it comes to spending a fun day in Paisley, there’s some great stuff to see and do, with something to suit every palette. Why not add a couple of these ideas to your itinerary? 


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