Part of the far-reaching rules implemented in AMA motocross events includes an extensive list of what is and is not allowed at competitions. Some of the rules make sense, like the ban on any parts or models that are from the next model year. Not every manufacturer releases their next year’s model before the motocross season, and riders with the ability to upgrade mid-season would be at an advantage simply because of financial reasons. Other mods, though, are harder to understand when they hit the ban list.

Illegal Upgrades to Approved Models

Before buying the best dirt bike aftermarket part you can find for one of your bike’s systems, make sure you’re allowed to change it. The first step is to make sure you are riding an approved model. Then, you need to make sure you do not make any of these changes:

  • No modifications to the exhaust beyond OEM options
  • No high compression pistons, aftermarket ECU units, port clean-up or metal hand guards
  • No engine blueprinting or crank tuning
  • All engine parts must be OEM
  • Only tires readily available to the general public, including off road dirt bike tires
  • Gaskets and air filters, O-rings, etc. need to be in place

These mod restrictions apply to the limited classes, but they are not the same restrictions placed on open race classes. For those restrictions, you’ll need to consult the relevant parts of the rulebook.

Finding Approved Mods

Once you review the list of mods you can make, the next step is finding the best dirt bike parts online. Luckily, that’s easy if you just look for the largest selection, because retailers who curate a wide selection get a lot of feedback about which products get love and which ones get a cold shoulder, so they are able to stay on top of the best parts for each model year. Find your online part source today and be ready for competition each season.

Let’s have a look to 3 Illegal motorcycle mods that people actually get away with:

  1.     Removing Both Side Mirrors: Some of the motorcycle owners get rid of their bike’s side mirrors for the sake of modifying it to look unique and stylish. Mostly these kinds of modifications are seen with sports bikes.  Side mirrors are a must as they help to view the blind spots on the road, especially while taking turns. This modification is illegal and indeed very dangerous and may cause a severe accident. Deceptively, most bikers attach a blindsight bar end mirror fixed to the clutch side when they remove the side mirrors.
  1.   Large Rear Tires: Many riders love to replace the rear tire with a massive, gigantic tire which no doubt changes the overall look of the bike, and indeed it looks attractive. But at the same time, it is damn risky especially if you are an inexpert rider, it could disbalance the bike on the way and cause an accident, so it is a kind of illegal but still people get away with this modification.
  1.   Removal of the reflectors: Mostly people remove the reflectors to get sporty feelings on the name of doing the modification, but they don’t know that eliminating the reflectors from your motorcycle is illegal and accidental as well. Reflectors are for the safety of the rider during night hours, they reflect light from the headlamps of the vehicle behind it, helping the improved visibility for the rider to drive safely on the road.  Illegal modifications might seem tempting, but they can affect your safety on the road and even its value if you plan on trading in your used motorcycle or selling it in the future. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully understand the potential benefits and consequences before making any changes.

Modifications are good, but you must know your country rules while spending money on your desired mods, no doubt some modifications literally change the look of the bike, but honestly it is not advisable, as it is highly risky and can be accidental anytime. So, go for the mods which are safe and legal, as nothing is precious than life. Happy Riding!


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