If your website’s not performing the way you want it to, it may be missing one essential element — a blog.

So what’s so brilliant about blogging? For starters, it drives traffic to your site from search engine queries, then it converts this traffic into sales leads, humanises your business and helps your site to grab great google rankings.

If you’re ready to get started but need to read between the lines and research, these five great business blogs should provide some inspiration.


  • St Mirren FC


The Buddies might currently be languishing at the bottom of the SPL, but when it comes to blogging, they’re top flight.

The St Mirren FC website blog contains awesome articles on everything from post-match reports to access details for live match streams, fan views and community outreach news.

If you’re in charge of a sports club’s digital presence, a blog is an excellent way of encouraging engagement.


  • UWS


Blogging for a university website serves several purposes, including attracting new students, involving those already enrolled and projecting an air of authority and expertise.

Happily, the UWS blog satisfies each of these demands dynamically, with frequently-updated articles on research projects, STEM events, courses and student achievements.

When you’re developing a content plan for a further education organisation, the right mix of blogs is essential for reaching key demographics.


  • Malcolm Group


The Malcolm Group has a finger in many different commercial pies — from logistics to rail and construction to maintenance and surfaces.

So the Malcolm Group blog is in no immediate danger of running out of news, and with frequent features on new fleet and plant purchases, sports sponsorship deals, charity partnerships and groundbreaking construction projects, it doesn’t disappoint.

This is a prime example of a traditional business embracing digital technology to engage new generations of customers.


  • Zero Waste Scotland


Government-sponsored environmental agencies seldom have bottomless budgets, so a blog can be a cost-effective way of marketing their key messages and highlighting achievements.

The Zero Waste Scotland website blog is a fine example of this approach, with a constant stream of interesting articles which raise public awareness on the circular economy, plastics recycling and much more.

Blogs can also be readily shared on social media, generating even more exposure and traction for this environmentally-friendly cause.


  • Attercopia


Demystifying digital marketing makes it more accessible for traditional businesses, and this is just one issue addressed in various articles that bolster the blog of digital agency Attercopia.

Visitors can read riveting pieces on content writing, SEO strategy, web development, design and industry thought leadership.

And by sharing free tips as well as promoting services, this blog strikes the perfect balance.

These five great blogs from diverse businesses should provide plenty of inspiration to start waxing lyrical about your own firm.

So ends our list — but share your own business blog tips in the comments section.


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