Mhairi Black MP has pledged her support to a campaign to prevent child abuse and neglect in Paisley and Renfrewshire South. The 70/30 Campaign, created by primary prevention charity WAVE Trust, aims to reduce child maltreatment and other ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) by at least 70% by the year 2030.

mhairi black

The charity defines child maltreatment as abuse, neglect or children witnessing domestic violence. The 70-30 campaign is part of a UK wide Initiative established in 2009.

A series of international and UK studies have shown these and other adverse childhood experiences, known collectively as ‘ACEs’, can do lasting harm to children that burdens many throughout their lives – harming their education, health, mental health, job prospects and future relationships.

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, which commissioned the original ACE studies in the 1990s, identifies 10 specific ACES (the most prevalent ones) damaging to life: physical, emotional and sexual abuse; physical and emotional neglect; growing up in a home with domestic violence or parental substance abuse or mental health problems; losing a parent; and having a member of the household incarcerated.

Over half of Scottish MSPs, and over one third of Westminster MPs now endorse 70/30 and are taking actions in their parliaments to promote a fairer life for our children.

Mhairi Black MP said:

“I support the 70/30 campaign to reduce child abuse, neglect and children witnessing domestic violence by 70% by 2030.

“There is compelling evidence we can prevent harm to thousands of children in Paisley, Renfrewshire South and all over Scotland. We should act on this.

“We need to support vulnerable families. If a mum or dad has mental health issues, or an addiction, this can lead to things going wrong for the whole family. The 70/30 Initiative shows how preventing ACEs could prevent children from being harmed. This would have countless positive knock-on effects: higher productivity, less inequality and of course most importantly those children going on to live healthy lives.”


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