No one is immune to going broke, even poker pros end up on tilt at the end of the day, let alone regular online players whose bank accounts are not shielded by the years of experience. Discipline is a critical skill, especially when you often walk on thin ice, so close to getting into some serious trouble. So, cool, calm, collected, right? But in reality, as soon as these ephemeral perspectives of getting rich settle in your head, you find it exceptionally hard to keep things together. And though you might build sanity boundaries, compile a list of slot machines you are going to hold on to or even try them out for free thanks to resources like, restrict your budget and put on a total pro, self-indulgence seems to vanish every time you feel the thrill of it. Sounds familiar?


Bad habits haunt us everywhere: today you cannot help but buy that extra burger knowing it won’t be any good, tomorrow you go all in entering the muddy waters. We do not know where to stop when emotions take over. Gambling, as a pastime with the tangible risk factor, could never stand those whose motives stray away from the course, and you will always have to pay for being careless here. Sad but true. So in order to become a dedicated gambler with a clear mind, want it or not, you need to educate yourself in the world of prudent gambling. And the best way to do this is through storytelling.


Andy Mr. Handy: Know How To Fund


Our first player, Andy, was hooked up to gambling so much that he couldn’t care less about the money he’d been investing. The guy, though, divided his salary into portions and thought he was in control of spending. One day he forgot to withdraw some leftovers from his credit card, and, boy, the game was calling. So Andy found nothing better than borrowing this money from the account to feed his appetite. Yet the thing he found in the end was bad luck. And only then Andy remembers that the money left was meant to pay the rent.


What lesson can we learn from Andy’s experience? Apart from obvious ‘do not trust yourself’ or ‘quit in time’, there’s one interesting moment in the story – credit cards. They can be accessed anytime you want to and thus pose a potential threat to your funds. Andy went neglectful forgetting about the rent check just because the game is simply able to turn your reasonable judgement off. Humans will be humans no matter what. Even if you think you are that one and the only with a perfect common sense, this is a fallacy.


A Short Guide To Accuracy


Online casinos can be specifically dangerous as your access to the money is constant. When you lose and do not feel satisfied as if another portion of cash poured in would save the session, take a pause here. In particular, stick to this three-step plan:


  1. Create a separate bank account and set aside your, say, weekly budget. Before choosing a suitable sum, consider paying the bills or other financial duties you have to fulfil.
  2. Good. Now clear away your other credit cards so that the only money at your disposal rests within the gambling card. Withdraw everything you have elsewhere.
  3. Do not even think about running to the nearest ATM to deposit more funds. It would be better to play from the place where ATMs are so isolate that you literally have no chance to use cash.

Emily’s Poor Knack For Maxes: Beware Of Denominations


Oh, Lord, our second bad example named Emily once read a convincing article at some site persuasively talking about winning strategies. It was said there that a professional gambler should play along slot machines with the highest maximums possible. Emily fell down the rabbit hole because she wanted to win big. So the following time, instead of selecting a game having a maximum bet of $5, she opted for $50. During the session she caught the right moment to raise stakes to the mat, but…she completely overlooked ‘50’ in place of ‘5’. Two hits, and she ran out of her budget. The machine was actually ready to give a decent return, yet Emily didn’t have more money to carry on.


Denomination is that mother flicker as well as maximum bets. Maxes can do a great favor to your bank account because you get exposed to higher payouts, but careful planning comes first. Emily’s greatest mistake was that she had no faintest idea how to actually play along high denomination machines, so she approached the game like another penny slot. That’s why her budget said goodbye to her in no time without any opportunity to redeem herself.


It’s All About Consistency


Once in a while you will be an Emily with thoughts being like ‘I’m a loser, 10-cent player, I cannot win because of that, it’s time to go big’. Then some progressive machine lures in, you are not able to cope with high-level stakes, you lose. Classics. So, do not be an Emily, walk down the consistent path. If you are in the mood to play big, sort out the budget to fit in. If you plan to play as usual, please, avoid obsessive urges telling you to wander into large staking. Your consistency is the key.


No Regrets


What if you lose, what then? Absolutely nothing! We all experience the lowest points, so just find time to ponder over fails to answer the question ‘why did this happen to me?’. Online gurus might give you a way more advice on winning patterns, but tying your butt to the chair not to dart toward ATMs and sticking to a staking plan would do wonders to your gaming style.


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