People often associate long hair as a characteristic of femininity. Women who have longer hair are considered more feminine as compared to women with shorter hair. However, now this thinking is changing, as more women understand the real meaning of femininity, they leave behind those stereotypes.

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2019 Hairstyle Trends in Paisley:

As Coco Chanel says “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. According to the latest fashion trends, shorter hairstyles are a major in this season. Moreover, because of this, we have put together, some of the trendiest short hairstyles for 2019.

Straight Lob:

Straight lob is the hairstyle that is always in fashion. It works perfectly for glassy hair,i.e., straight, silky, and shiny hair. It is trending in 2019.

Textured Asymmetrical Cut:

You can recreate any classic hairstyle with a bit of asymmetrical cut. If you add a little asymmetrical texture to your long bobs, you can create a more stylish look.

Curly Shoulder cut:

Curly hairs can be a burden and a headache to maintain. However, do not let the length of your curls put you down. Cut your curls to shoulder length and shine.

Fringes with shoulder cut:

Fringes are always in, no matter what your face shape is. You can rock any style with a touch of some bangs or fringes.  They add the attention-grasping feature to your eyes. They create a mod, edgy and standout look that put facial features in lesser focus.

A-line Bob:

Two simple words for this hairstyle are Elegant and Classy. It makes you a true Babe to carry this bold style.

Collarbone Cut:

If you are afraid to cut your hair too short then this hairstyle is definitely for you. Long layers until collarbone will give your hair an entirely new volume and texture.

Classical pixie:

Icy platinum blonde hair looks perfect in a conventional pixie cut. To add a fresher look, you can always color highlights.

Side Swept Lob:

A magical combination of layers and bangs, this sassy look will make you audacious. The lob is a universal tour de force that looks equally flattering on all hair types. Let it be Beyoncé or Heidi Klum everyone seems gorgeous in lobs.    

Soft Shag:

This year shags are back with a bang! This look does magic with curly hair as they can quickly achieve the perfect shape especially when paired with layers.

Boyish Pixie:

Step in 2019 with style. Go bold and brave with this super short hairstyle and let your cheekbones do all the talking.

Full bangs:

Bangs are officially back this season with a full swing as can be seen in fashion shows. We recommend you to try this style with a bit of hair color.


Pixies are the perfect choice for women who are full of confidence. If you are among those who hate spending time on styling your hair every morning, then this hairstyle is for you. With a pixie, you can wake up take a shower and go to work, without any mess of hairstyling. If you are bold, enough go for short pixies otherwise longer pixies look more sophisticated.   


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