How do you choose your next employer? There are several elements that guide our selection and one of them is the brand that we are going to represent. To attract the best employees, each company needs one specific factor – the right employer branding. While quite often the focus is on promoting the services and/or products a company offers, the overall image of the company is completed by the way it treats its employees and the efforts to attract and retain talent.

The concept of employer branding has emerged in the 1990s and has gained popularity since then. As people are more inclined to join a company that shares the same values as them, employer branding has become one of the main factors to consider when starting a job.

What is employer branding?

Employer branding describes the company as a place to work along with the way it values and treats its employees. The focus is not only on the benefits its offers – both financial and emotional but also on the overall way the brand manages to position itself in terms of important questions. The image of the company as “the best place to work” becomes one of the most attractive assets of each organization. The assessment comes from a great range of people – active and passive candidates, current and former employees, customers, partners, and otherstakeholders. Employer branding is contained in various initiatives for attracting, engaging and retaining personnel.

Why does employer branding matter?

Employer branding has a very powerful role in the growth of the company. Talented workforce supports efficient growth. Hence, the retention and promotion of the right employees are of paramount importance for each and every institution.

In order to remain competitive in the market, the company needs to have a strong brand. If the image it has created as a preferred employer in the industry, it will start attracting the best candidates. When the name of a certain company is associated with positive initiatives, equal treatment of employees, fair working condition and the like, it becomes a magnet to talented employees who want to contribute to the development of this positive trend.

On the other hand, if the image of a company is stained, it is going to suffer a retreat from both customers and employees. There are many surveys showing that people are more inclined to sacrifice part of their remuneration for the comfort of working at a place they like. A recent research reveals that 32% of the new recruits will leave the company within 90 days because they are not happy with the company culture they were faced with. This is a significant number that reveals the power of employer branding and the repercussions it may have on the company development.

How to build and protect your employer brand?

Candidates tend to read employee reviews of the company they are considering to join. Now, they turn to social media to see what is the opinion about their future employer and how the brand is represented.

As employer branding is everything that makes you stand out from your competitors, it is essential to make that visible. Here are the main approaches to employ on that quest:

Improve your website

Your company website is your face in the digital world. Everything it contains helps build your image. In order to enhance your employer branding, make sure to include the right content. Your careers section should be well-maintained. Create clear job descriptions, provide credentials – testimonials, employer stories, behind the scene videos for your company, include content input from your employees. All these elements enhance your employer branding

Use social media efficiently

Social media is the most powerful tool to leverage your company brand. For many candidates, they are also the primary tool for job searching. Social media also allows candidates to interact directly with the brand, so make sure that you are properly represented.

Media representation

Despite that this is a tool that is not under your control entirely, you can use media coverage to enhance your employer branding. Make sure to popularize initiatives that represent your brand values, so that they can reach to your potential candidates and make your current employees feel proud of being part of the brand.

The power of employer branding should not be underestimated. In fact, it is one of the driving forces that motivate employees and promotes higher retention levels. It also attracts talent and helps the overall growth of the company. Hence, it is worth investing time and efforts into maintaining your employerbranding to the highest standards.

:Donna Moores is a successful content writer and CMO at Handmade Writing. Due to her outstanding marketing experience within the biggest industries, Donna helps other businesses with content writing and proofreading. One of her current projects is an American website called WritingsGuru , which provides readers with useful tips on how to develop writing skills. You may reach out to Donna on Twitter or LinkedIn.



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