Since the dawn of mankind, humans have interacted using verbal and non-verbal types of communication. Sometimes, the words we utter contradict the signals our bodies send, and a person with sufficient knowledge of body language may easily detect the lie. There are many ways to say “I love you” without using words. Indeed, love is more than words. Love is in the little things and gestures. What better moment you can choose to show your love than Valentine’s Day. A unique gift from the site dedicated to her will speak more than thousand words. Along with the body language of love, you will unambiguously show your intentions.”

Nowadays, finding a soulmate is facilitated by online dating. No longer do you have to think of pick-up lines for strangers in a bar. Go online, upload some nice photos, create a profile that sparks conversation – and you are instantly contacted by potential partners willing to chat. Read more on However, once you arrive on your first date, knowledge of the nonverbal language comes in handy.

You can tell a lot by studying the other person’s behavior. If they maintain eye contact and copy your gestures, you know that you are on the right track. When their knees are pointing at the door, you are in trouble: they might be looking for a way to escape from your dull company. If you have watched the popular “Lie to me” TV series, you may already be familiar with a few of such clues.

Female and Male Signs of Interest

Since men and women are supposed to come from different planets, their use of body language also differs a lot. Males are reported to use roughly 10 bodily signs of attraction, while females have more than 50 at their disposal!

Some signals are universal, applying to both sexes equally. For example, tilted head implies curiosity and engagement, while looking away from the partner denotes boredom and lack of attraction.

Most Common Male Signs

If he is interested, he will:

  • smile at you and establish eye contact, possibly following you with an intense lingering look;
  • openly check out your body, so that you notice it;
  • raise his eyebrows, often subconsciously;
  • part his lips, possibly for a split second once your eyes first meet;
  • stroke his tie, smooth his hair or engage in other types of unconscious self-grooming;
  • stand either directly in front of you or as close to you as socially acceptable with his legs slightly spread;
  • stand with his hands on his hips, which also accentuates his physical parameters;
  • subconsciously spread his legs while sitting to let you see his “potential”.

Most Common Female Signs

In general, many of the signals used by men are also given off by women. Of course, a genuine smile and subtle touch are universal signs of attraction. However, the range of female body language signs is much wider.

If she is interested, she will:

  • hold your gaze for more than two seconds, or look away and back at you within a few seconds;
  • stand with one hip moved slightly outward, showing off her curves;
  • walk with an accentuated ‘sway’;
  • show her wrist, which is a delicate part of the body;
  • pout or lick her lips when her eyelids are lowered and her eyes are looking up at you;
  • sit with ankles crossed and knees pointing at you – this makes her legs look slimmer and hips wider;
  • rest her chin on her hands and look at you with obvious interest;
  • demonstrate the “boob shoulder”: give you a sideways look while her shoulder is lifted slightly upwards. This emphasizes the breasts.

Interestingly, most of such signals are given off unconsciously, so arming yourself with knowledge of the nonverbal is always useful. What is left unsaid is often conveyed by the body language. If you want to delve into the subject, there are plenty of books to choose from, including the classic “Body Language” by Allan Pease.

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