Glasgow, the most popular and populous city of Scotland, is a historical marvel. The city is life bursting, has a rich culture and great attractions. But if you are a student and you are studying the wonderful history of this city, then you better not skip the following:

Ancient Trees

The Fossil Grove in Glasgow’s Victoria Park has a few trees that are even older than the Dinosaurs. The park is home to extinct fossil trees which date back to 330 million years. They have lasted this long thanks to Glasgow’s warm and humid temperature.

Third Oldest Underground Railway System

Glasgow’s Clockwork Orange is famous around the world because of its unique color. But little does the world knows it is the third oldest Underground Railway system in the world.

It first opened in 1896 and went under heavy renovations in late 1996. This underground system only consists of a circular line. The color scheme was inspired by the wagons and their seat upholstery in warm tones, thus the name Clockwork Orange. The underground railway system of London is the world ’soldest underground railway system while Budapest has the second oldest. Clockwork Orange was conceived at the height of the Industrial Revolution. 

Oldest Building 

The Glasgow Cathedral is perhaps the most intact medieval Cathedral in Scottish Mainland.  Better known as the High Kirk of Glasgow, it remains as the oldest building in Glasgow. The history of this Cathedral date backs to the foundation of thisCity. It exists right where the patron of Saint of Glasgow built his church. The tomb of Saint, Saint Mungo remains in lower crypt till this date. It is said the building was built years before 1136. 

Glasgow Hunterian Museum

The Museum was built in 1807. The Museum is known for its extensive collection of Art and Scientific Relics which even includes the world’s first ultrasound machine. 

It remains the oldest public museum in Scotland. However, today The Hunterian is also recognized as a leading university with a collection that is of great national significance. It attracts scholars and visitors from every corner of the world. 

The Horseshoe Bar

This Grand Victorian Bar was first established in 1884. Captain John Sculler founded it. The bar is a landmark in the city’snightlife as well while it adds a great historical significance. It is known for the 104 feet and three inches continuous bar. This is perhaps the longest bar table in Europe. 

The Britannia Panopticon

This is perhaps the oldest surviving music hall in history. It was built in 1850’s largest city of the British Empire. This music hall is still alive as artists from around the world still perform here. 

The Industrial Revolution

Not a landmark so to speak, but if you are a student who needs essay help with history, you better not skip the Industrial Revolution of Glasgow. The Industrial Revolution took place in Glasgow at the start of the 19th century. 

The city was a hub for manufacturing cotton, textiles, chemicals,and other products. The demand increased rapidly, andimmigrants from Highlands in the 1820’S and from Ireland in 1840s came forth to form a recognition workforce. 

This revolution had its root back at the start of 18th century, probably around 1710 when Glasgow Tobacco Lords traded with the New World.


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