What Should My EMP Bag Look Like?

You may have heard of an EMP bag that acts as protection against an electromagnetic pulse. You probably already know your electronics should be in there, but why? Is there anything else that should be in the bag? We are going to talk to you about ​bags for EMP protection​ and everything you should know about them. Keep reading to learn all this and more!

An EMP can be a minor event, but can also send the earth back in time and be much more major. When EMP energy happens, it will find your electronics and metal right away. The metal layer around the back, however, will redirect this so anything in the bag is not harmed. If there is any openings or tears inside the bag, the energy can still get inside and destroy it. If you have a generator inside the bag, make sure that it is not plugged into the wall as this will also ruin anything that is in the bag.

EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. This pulse can have so many ranges, but ultimately it’s a great idea to prepare for an emergency in case it happens. You would much rather be safe than sorry. An EMP is a sudden large amount of energy that can actually destroy all electronics across a certain area. There are different types of EMPs. There are natural ones, but there also can be man-made ones such as a nuclear explosion. It doesn’t really matter how one is occurring, just that it is and you want to stay protected.

An EMP bag is typically called a Faraday bag. A Faraday cage is what prevents any damages to electronics you have in them in case a voltage spike happens.

This would result in your electronics breaking. What the Faraday bag does is it switches the energy coming in away from your electronics that are secure inside the bag. The Faraday bag should be a strong a heavy duty material like polyester and a heavy layer of it. It also should be able to stop any objects that are trying to poke holes through it.

The bags can also come in vacuum packaging and have multiple metal layers so ensure the best protection possible.

There are many misconceptions about Faraday bags and cages and we want to address them. Some people believe that if your phone stays in the bag, it won’t work when it comes out. This is not at all the case. Once you remove the phone, it will work perfectly again. The best example of this is when you get into an elevator, your phone probably stops working for about 1 minute and then once you are out of the elevator it starts working right away again, right? This is the same as a Faraday bag.

Some people have questions as to what may need to be stored in a Faraday bag when it does not actually need to be. The first myth is that batteries need to be stored in it. Batteries will continue to work so there is no point in putting them in your Faraday bag. You also do not need to leave your solar panel in a Faraday bag. They will also stay safe. An inverter, however, will not stay safe, if you want to keep it safe, keep it inside of your bag.
There are ways of making your own Faraday bag, however many times these do not work. When you are in an emergency situation like that, it’s best not to try and simply cover your items in aluminum foil, purchase an EMP bag.

There are ways to ensure your Faraday bag works. You can do this by putting your cell phone inside of the bag. You will then call it and if it rings your bag is not working. If it does not then it is working. Another way to test it is to put a radio inside to see if it works. It should not work at all if your Faraday bag works properly.

When it comes to your bag, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s important that you measure all your electronics to see how long and wide you need your Faraday bag to be. This will ensure your bag is not too smaller. There are also larger options for nesting if you need it. Your EMP bag is not a fashion statement, it is simply something you want in case of an emergency. You can always have multiple bags if you wish. Although there are ways to make them yourself out there, to ensure yours works when it counts, it’s always best to make the small investment in an EMP bag to protect all your electronics. This bag will last for years and years. From time to time simply ensure there are no holes or tears in it. Sometimes when electronics store in it can end up being pushed around. That is why the bag should have a thick liner to make sure no tears happen, but it’s always a good idea to ensure there are none. If there are, you will want to get a new one right away because this one will no longer work.

Now you know a little more about bags for EMP protection, what they can store in it, and what you should be storing in yours. Remember, it’s always a good idea to do your homework before purchasing one and utilizing it for your specific needs. What’s the point in having one if a shock happens and you’re still not protected. Our experts are trained to help you find exactly what you are looking for and answer any questions you have. Contact us today to learn more.