Top Reasons to Visit Paisley

Top Reasons to Move to Paisley as a Student

Just a short drive away from Glasgow, Paisley is one of the largest towns in the historic county of Renfrewshire. The home of two Victorian-era fashion trends, this city remains stunning through its architecture, animated student life and for its incredible sights. To this, add the numerous cotton and weaving mills converted into affordable flats you could visit the town and area anytime make sure you get the best offer holidays

Top Reasons to Move to Paisley as a Student

While the old industry is dead and gone by now, Paisley is certainly a lively and animated city. To this day, its proximity to Glasgow makes it perfect for those who want easy connections to all hot spots in the UK, without the steep rental or estate costs. The average property revolves somewhere around £138,000, which turns the town into a popular choice for tourists, especially from overseas so there are plenty of holiday deals.

But besides these reasons, we have some others for which you may want to start studying in Paisley.

Top Reasons to Move to Paisley as a Student

A thrilling lifestyle

The lifestyle of Paisley citizens is just as thrilling as it is relaxing and laid-back. The city centre is dominated by churches and their impressive spires, packed with pubs and terraces, narrow streets and iconic period structures We also have numerous UK bank holidays. So you can take advantage of day out across the west of Scotland

Unlike cities like Glasgow, you don’t have to travel to the local shopping centre or mall for entertainment and a shopping spree. You can find all the hot-spots scattered around the High Street. Here, you will easily find the most important national shops and services, restaurants and fast food chains. You can find something for everybody’s pocket. Thus, even if you are a University student with a restricted budget, you can find something that will please you.

Top Reasons to Move to Paisley as a Student

Besides being packed with some of the best period structures in the Kingdom, you can always find some nature spots at 5 minutes away. The town is located on the edge of the Gleniffer Braes Country Park. Besides, the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park is at a short drive away from the town centre.

Plus, for those times when you want to get a little bit more urban, you can always ride to Glasgow. You can reach it by train in about 10 minutes, while a car ride will take you about 30 minutes only.

The University of the West of Scotland is one of the best in the UK

The University of the West of Scotland ranks high in the reputation index, occupying the sixth place in the UK. The data comes from the 2016 Complete University Guide. The student life in this university’s campuses is certainly just as entertaining, yet structured as you would expect. There are numerous student associations and unions, and sporting events are quite frequent. The University has several sporting clubs, including ice hockey, Gaelic Football and so on.

Plus, the university is very popular among Finnish and German students. If you search for a diverse campus, then Paisley is the perfect choice for you.

Top Reasons to Move to Paisley as a Student

Affordable Student Rentals

Because of its large student population, similar to the student population in Newcastle, students that plan to study in Paisley should know that affordable accommodation is a rule in this town’s case. You can always rent an apartment in one of the most iconic buildings in the town. If you really want to, you must know that those impressive mills have been converted lately into luxury apartments. But the great part is, the rental fees are more than affordable. You can find apartments with one or two bedrooms, if you’re interested in splitting the bill with one of your fellow students.

The east majority of the rooms you will find in the former mills have impressive, intricate floor-to-ceiling arched windows and offer access to roof terraces.

You can find even more affordable period rentals if you search closely. Make sure that you collaborate with a reliable real estate agent. The Oakshaw Conservation Area is just perfect for similar apartments, but at a more affordable price than those luxury ones.

The Castlehead area is another very popular conservation area where students can find impressively affordable rentals, including some stunning flats with stone terraces and intricate period windows.

It’s Easy to Get Around

Who doesn’t hate spending annoying amounts of time in traffic, on their way to university? Well, luckily for you, you can get to and around the city by rail, by car and by air. Paisley is packed by railways stations, all getting to the Glasgow Central. You can get a train to other cities as well, including to Wemyss Bay, Ardrossan Harbour, Ayr and Gourock.

By car, you can get to Paisley by following the A726 north. You will have easy access to the M8, M77 and the M74 as well as A737, which offers great connections to Kilmarnock and Hamilton.

The Glasgow Airport is at an easy 10-minute drive and you can fly to domestic European destinations as well as some hot international destinations, such as New York.

There Are Plenty of Things to Do in Paisley

With a rich culture, history and plenty of outdoor areas, you can always find something to do in the city.

For the history lovers, the Paisley Museum is properly-equipped with numerous antique elements as well as an impressive ceramic collection. Besides, you can always get a sight into how the cloth was made if you visit the Loom Gallery.

Paisley is packed with its own independent music concert halls and production labels. In the city, there are always cultural and musical manifestations as well as theatrical performances. There usually take place at the Paisley Arts Centre. For a jazz or folk night, this is the place that you’re searching for.

As mentioned previously, you can always find plenty of things to do around the town if you’re a nature lover. There are numerous natural parks and recreational centres that students will truly love.

These are some of the best reasons why you should consider moving to Paisley to continue your studies. Make sure that you find a reliable estate agent that will help you find the best accommodation for your budget and needs. And don’t forget to enjoy the lively city as much as you can!