Situated on a tributary of the River Clyde to the west of Scotland, Paisley is often overshadowed by its much larger neighbour, Glasgow. But it is still Scotland’s fifth largest town in its own right, with many opportunities for things to see and do, especially for romantically-inclined couples who’ve met through typical uk dating web services. Here are five of the most highly recommended.


Why not start your special day out in ‘Scotland’s largest town’ by spending a few adventurous hours involved in different activities? Head over to ‘Soar at Intu Braehead,’ located in the Braehead Shopping Centre, where you can make the most of this ultra-modern entertainment hub. Amongst the pastimes on offer are laser games, a bowling alley, a cinema, and a climbing wall. Take your pick of these, or why not spend some time at each?! Afterward, you can satisfy the thirst and hunger you will undoubtedly have built up by retiring to one of the many choices of dining outlets.

Gleniffer Braes Country Park

Situated on the town’s Glenfield Road, this park is the ideal venue to spend a couple of romantic hours taking in the wildlife and gorgeous scenery. There is a heavily wooded area where you can enjoy pleasant strolls, keeping an eye out for grazing cattle. Follow the many hiking trails, listening to the background chorus of birds. Scenic streams gurgle by, while there are also lookout points where you can take a break from your walking and absorb the tranquil Renfrewshire scenery. If you’re feeling particularly energetic, you can follow some of the walkways to wider networks outwith the park’s boundaries, such as the Brandy Burn Way and the Fereneze Braes paths. There are picnic spots, as well as the opportunity to indulge in kite flying.

Snow Factor

Also located within Intu Braehead, Snow Factor will bring out the daredevil winter sports enthusiast in you and your partner. Open all-year-round, this venue consists of skiing and snowboarding opportunities, with classes available if you expect you’d spend more time flat on your back than gracefully coasting along. There’s also an ice-climbing wall. If all that hectic activity is enough to prompt some timeout, the two of you can retire to the nearby eatery and enjoy delicious snacks, washed down with drinks from a bar.

Dams to Darnley Trail

Walk hand-in-hand by not one but five separate reservoirs, each a haven of aquatic peace and tranquility. The open waters of the dams attract birdlife, while the wetlands and burns are perfect places to explore as you search for species local to those habitats. Keep an eye out for palmate newts – at 7.5 cm these are the smallest of such native amphibians. They are a ‘priority species’ within the Glasgow Local Biodiversity Action Plan, due to their fragile ecological position. Staff are on hand to provide advice and information.

Trattoria Genova Restaurant and Takeaway

Finally, after such an energetic day, the perfect antidote to so much activity would be to book a romantic table-for-two at the Trattoria Genova. Located on Paisley’s Glasgow Road, near the town center, this restaurant is known for its excellent cuisine, cozy atmosphere and attentive staff. Modern-looking and well-lit, the menu serves a selection of delicious authentic Italian dishes which are cooked with taste being the top priority, rather than trying to impress with unusual ingredients. So expect to be served minestrone soup, followed by mouth-watering lasagne and chicken stroganoff. The prices are always reasonable, too, and what better way to seal your romantic Paisley date than cracking open a bottle of plonk?


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