Games, whatever form of them comes into your mind, have always been one of the most widespread human pastimes for centuries. Since the major development of technology and Net, classic cards and table bounties have turned into a sophisticated compound, leaving behind rudimentary looks and obtaining appealing outlooks. The beginning of new gaming era falls on the joyful 70s, right when first fancy consoles were introduced to a big audience of players, with unusual cartridges and interesting gameplays. Ever since the gaming industry dominates every other one by the number of loyal devotes and sales figures. Well, there might be a clear psychological answer to this big-time popularity, but it is a completely different discussion as today we are going to look into gambling trying to revive canonic console things, with all retro style to be included, of course.


In case you want it all right away, we would recommend visiting our partner’s resource where various casino games are gathered in one spot for your delight – There you will explore a decent selection of modern slot machines as well as a fine array of vintage options to appreciate old good days. If you want to stick to this article in particular, then welcome aboard. We will walk you through most notable highlights of iGaming and show top three adapted slot machines, inspired by the traditional console platform. Let’s get this show on the road, then.


A Quick Foreword


Just to set things straight, none of the slot machines discussed further has nothing to do with actual games. These are high-quality replicas, devised with slotting in mind. However, software manufacturers definitely did their best to combine two evident concepts into one being: they took slot machines in general and merged them with video games to get a single taco roll. As a result of mega888, you will be able to enjoy the thrill of going through some sort of a familiar plot and, at the same time, indulge in money making.


  1. Super Mario Bros 2


As soon as Nintendo released a whooping franchise, the world went totally bonkers so that even nowadays when someone brings up old-generation consoles, it is Mario Brothers who pop up in one’s mind instantly, without thinking much. A brief fact: Nintendo never abandoned their gaming offspring and still maintain the whole series by regular fresh releases. Regarding that the first release was back in 1981, it is now something like almost 40 years to celebrate about the franchise. Super Mario Bros 2 was launched a while ago, in 2012, and followed a Japanese game that had been released the same year. Technically, this slot machine came as a supporting factor to the main event and ended up being absolute casino classics still popular in the present moment.


Nevertheless, Super Mario Bros 2 does not look like a proper slot machine: rather, it mixes a video-game layout with traditional slot bonus setups. The whole gaming process is divided into different levels – as soon as you get one completed, the game throws you into a new level and you keep going. However, to complete a level gamblers go through a classic slot routine of matching symbol combinations of the reels. Specialty symbols activate a handsome bonus course for matching of their own, and players can get rewarded with either instant coin giveaway or extra lives. But do not be blown away with Super Mario Bros 2 because this game offers nothing in terms of payouts. Only interest and deep rooting for the famous Brothers push your forward. In any case, it is a spectacular option to stick to for an evening or two.


  1. Sonic – Casino Night Zone


Sonic, being one of the all-time greatest video characters ever created along with Mario Brothers, simply cannot be excluded from retro revival narrative. His popularity is just undeniable: he owns TV shows of his own, becomes a leading figure of many YouTube videos, provides his appearance for multitudinous Halloween costumes and even gets featured as a brand perfume and shower gel. What else to say, Sonic the Hedgehog is an international star with an army of fans. No wonder software developers frequently return to this worldwide phenomenon to come up with a casino video game. One that stands out of the row is Casino Night Zone.


This slot machine is absolutely hilarious and devoted to arcade feel. Right after Sonic has managed to find his way through some underwater ruins, he comes out straight into the Casino Night Zone which instantly reminds players of high-class Vegas resorts. The game has so many plot twists that you actually could be lost in the maze of different angles and corners. Still, Casino Night Zone remains authentic, and even with a borrowed character to open the act, the slot machine has a plenty of original moments. Busy racing includes various bonus levels with coin collection and transformations to ping around the screen, some interesting base-game playthrough and, the last but not the least, classic arcade-painted amusements intrinsic to AWP-styled fruit machines.


  1. Donkey Kong


Another devoid of real cash payouts slot machine, Donkey Kong, represents a next-gen product by Nintendo to attract new-wave players in the story. When the original game was firstly released, something in the middle of the early 00s, Nintendo doubled their customer army, adding countless fans aside from Mario franchise. In spite of the fact that Donkey Kong could not reach the same unprecedented heights associated with Super Mario Brothers, the game still managed to conquer many hearts and become a worldwide fascination.

Donkey Kong is the only slot machine on this list – the game indeed operates like a standard slot following the reel concept. Three reels are reserved for classic combination counter while the last reel on the gaming grid is responsible for triggering bonus assets. Donkey Kong slot is full of functionality: there are special hold features for high and low combinations, multipliers to boost symbols, various instant-like rewards and a chance to hit the main jackpot. Even though Nintendo again advocated for free-of-real-money business, this slot machine represents an enjoyable piece of gaming to stick to for a long period of time.




Casinos would always be seeking different paths to keep slot machines as exciting as possible because the latter makes up 70% of overall revenue for each venue. Merging slots with popular real-life motifs like movies and TV shows is nothing new, yet mixing retro video games with fruit-machine ways is actually a very interesting combination of things. Taking popularity of these three slots into account, we should definitely hope for more vintage releases in the nearest future.


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