The top 10 mental health apps

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Nowadays, smartphone technologies allow people to have an access to a variety of applications on the tips of their fingers. The usability and usefulness of such have increased immensely in just the last few years. Starting with social media networks then browsing for and purchasing products and finishing with travelling guides and mental health and calmness applications, one can take a great advantage without actually visiting a travelling agency, mall or a therapist. This list compiles the top 10 applications that are most favorable for your contentment and psychological improvement.

First and foremost, it’s interesting to know that annually almost 50 million American citizens declare to have encountered a mild or severe mental issue. Almost 10 million of them believe such an issue to be so complex that it influences their day-to-day life. At the same time, one of the most frequent causes of people’s appeal to psychiatrists at the age of 17-50 is bipolar disorder and emotional instability. This statistics is even more gruesome when it comes to the average age of living since victims of such tough mental disorders are likely to have it fiercely developed by the age of 27 and face fatal consequences approximately at the same age.

There are plenty of ways how to reduce such a condition unless it’s a firm mental state that requires professional help. Such ways include dieting, physical training, finding new hobbies, etc. All of these can help you get rid of that stress, unstable emotions, anger and self-destructive behavior.

Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is an approach used by psychologists working with people suffering from such symptoms and is aimed at improving the patient’s mental condition by changing their behavior, daily routine and life goals. This approach is a basis of any mental health application.


Being acknowledged as the most helpful application of the last year, the tool uses thoughtfulness and tranquility exercises, music therapy and Calm-of-mind ways to establish a new way of thinking for people in need.

Breathing and abstracting yourself from the rapid temps of society and getting in touch with the sacramental are aimed at designating a decent self-image and identity.

The application is suitable for both beginners and experienced enjoyers. It can be used at any convenient time since the exercises take no longer than 20 minutes, whereas simple activities require no longer than 4 minutes.


Whereas most of the apps help you improve your mental condition, this one has the goal of increasing productivity and motivation. If you find yourself at a crossroads and unable to make a decision, headspace is supposed to help you acquire happiness by using basic meditation activities.

Also, it offers a set of tools that increase the ability to analyze life and routine in order to find the best solution to a problem. Moreover, breathing and meditating exercises are to create a better relationship with your loved ones and dispose of stress.

Unlike many mental health applications, this one sets a deadline, up to 4 months. By this time you will be able to achieve certain results and improve your behavior.


This application doesn’t offer a set of meditative experiences but rather provides you with a record book where you can write down thoughts, behavior and emotions a on day-to-day basis and, later, analyze them. It’s crucial to know where to look for an issue before actually dealing with it.

If you’re able to trace your bad mood or certain actions and link them to events, people and decisions, you’ll be able to determine the bothering problem and start looking for a solution. Building the comprehension of your own body and mind, and finding their hotspots can enhance your ability to predict your own actions and reactions.

In addition to this, the application has an in-built advisor that can give you tips on how to deal with situations and how to manage your states of mind.


The similarity with the previous app is obvious, however, Moodpath is aimed at providing you with a routine check of your wellbeing. Daily inquiries about your mental condition will enable the app to give you a hand when you’re going through complex life situations.

Every few weeks it creates a digital diagnostics of your psychological state that can be used at a session with a therapist.


When it comes to dealing with instability and sudden mood changes Pacifica is a clever choice. While having a great variety of activities and hinters on how to cope with anxiety and other mental conditions, Pacifica has a full-blown network of people alike who can provide you with a great piece of advice from their own life experience.

There are a compelling number of records and exercises that set you a certain daily bar or a challenge that will definitely come in handy.


While most of the apps have a diagnostic approach to helping with a mental condition, this one performs the function of a game.

It’s proven that people who spend some time using this app enhance their self-diagnostic skills and are more likely to deal with the feelings of sadness and devastation.

7 Cups

Here is another online service that cares for you. It provides a therapeutic service for people you suffer from anxiety, lonesomeness and stress.

Its support line has a team of specialists and professionally trained audiences who are always ready to give you a piece of advice or simply pay attention to you.

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis

This application is another example of a meditation application. It’s proven that people using it for more than 2 weeks feel an improvement in their emotional and mental health.

Providing you with hypnotic techniques and exercises, you are sure to relieve yourself from stress and anger.


Happify is a platform for people who lack self-awareness and suffer from mindlessness in their actions. Its innovative approaches and concentration on positivity can build up mental strength and rebuild outdated habits.

The application measures your results in points and compares them to a chart of standard psychological well-being.  


More than a thousand qualified personnel and reasonability of its price make the application a good investment in your mental health.

If you’ve been dealing with fears, anxiety, a hard relationship of any other issue that bothers you then Talkspace will provide you with assistance in your own private virtual room where you can ask for help from professionals or simply receive a set of tips.

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