Perfect Business Suggestions for Educators in 2018

Professionals within the educational sector can enjoy a wealth of opportunities. Not only are such positions highly rewarding from a personal point of view, but the amount of flexibility within this sector is nearly unrivalled. However, some educators might still face issues. Recent studies have shown that the average salary of a teacher within the United Kingdom is just over £22,400 pounds. Whether you are looking to broaden your horizons or you require an additional source of income to make ends meet, there are a number of interesting opportunities at your disposal. Let us look at online and offline options so that the “big picture” can be appreciated. 

Use the Internet to Your Advantage 

There are virtually no limits associated with the modern Internet community. This very same observation is valid when referring to educators. These professionals are in greater demand than ever before; particularly for those who wish to teach English as a foreign language. Although it is always prudent to possess the relative accreditation such as a TOEFL degree, there are plenty of informal opportunities to provide one-on-one instruction. 

Digital business ideas can also be associated with providing advice to those who are looking to further their education. Were you aware that many educators are paid to write regular blog posts for online communities? Although this will certainly not make you a millionaire overnight, any accrued funds can accumulate with time. If you happen to excel at writing, your services could very well be in demand; perhaps leading to a part-time position in the future. 


The final suggestion involves the creation of a dedicated teaching-oriented website. There are several advantages which can be attributed to this approach. First, you will be able to reach a massive online audience. This is critical if you are contemplating leveraging your skills in order to embrace a full-time position. Another benefit is that you can establish valuable contacts by linking your site to other professional portals such as LinkedIn and TES. Word of mouth goes a long way and there are very real possibilities that a budding operation could soon evolve into a pronounced virtual presence. 

Although the power and scope of the digital community is undeniable, there are also real-world options if you are hoping to enjoy future success. What are some common options and what does each have to offer? 

Real-World Teaching Ideas 

Are you a fan of travelling or have you always wanted to experience life from a global perspective? Many educators are combining this desire with the ability to teach a variety of subjects within foreign countries. While it is always important to make certain that you possess the correct credentials, this is a relatively minor hurdle to face when compared to the experiences themselves. Teaching abroad is a great way to appreciate the world around you and you may even find that residency in another country is not far off. Younger educators and those who do not have families will often consider this option. 

Do you possess a degree in business as well as teaching? This can be an excellent combination and it is possible to utilise these skills in synergy. One of the issues facing many organisations is that it is difficult to encounter professionals with business acumen who are also able to disseminate this knowledge to others. Teachers are already equipped with such talents and they are currently in high demand. Take a look at online business-oriented portals to determine whether or not any positions are available. Although these could initially be part-time opportunities, a full-time role might not be far off. 

This final suggestion is arguably the most obvious. Why not take on the role of a personal tutor? Countless students are struggling with their current curriculum and they could use a bit of extra help on occasion. Tutors can enjoy handsome hourly wages and it is often possible to choose your own hours. This is particularly beneficial should you happen to be a full-time parent or if you need to juggle your schedule with an existing job. Tutors with experience and a personable attitude can quickly gain additional students and many have actually turned this role into a full-time profession. 

Educators have been blessed with a thirst for knowledge as well as the desire to pass this information onto others. Still, there are times when financial limitations could dictate that another course of action needs to be taken. This is a very flexible profession and as a result, there are many options to consider. Please do not hesitate to refer back to this article for future inspiration or if you feel that your current employment is not fiscally sufficient. The world needs qualified educators and unlike many other industries, there are always lucrative opportunities to choose from.