Landlord Tips For Preparing Your Property

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As a property owner, you will always want to make your property as enticing as possible to prospective tenants so that you can find the best tenants and get good returns each month. It can be hard work, but it will all be worth it in the end as the income you can make from a property rental can be significant and highly rewarding. If you are preparing your property for renting it out, then you will want to make it as appealing as possible. However, knowing how to go about doing this can be a challenge. Read on for a few tips for preparing your property to rent.


Kerb Appeal


When prospective tenants come to look at the property, it is likely that they will be waiting out the front to meet an estate agent. It means that they will be taking a good look at the property from the kerb, and you need to make a great first impression. There are lots of ways to do this, including replacing the front door, cleaning the windows, tidying the garden and planting colourful flowers and trees.


Neat & Tidy


Nothing will deter a potential tenant quicker than a dirty and messy property. Even though they are aware that this is temporary and can be changing easily, it will quickly make a negative impression that is hard to overcome no matter how great the property is. Before any viewings, always make sure that it is neat and today. Fragrance is hugely important so consider air fresheners to provide a welcoming smell.




Property viewers will also want to see that it will be a nice place to live so make the property feel homey with furniture, even if it will be unfurnished. Doing so will help them to envision themselves living there instead of looking around a completely empty, soulless property. Although you want to make it feel like a home, you need to avoid overdoing it in terms of decoration because they will want to be able to picture themselves living there and add their own personal touches.


Efficient Heating


Having a modern and up-to-date heating system can make a huge difference and make the property much more appealing due to the cost of energy. Specialists like cooldudeac.co.uk can provide economical heating and cooling systems that can be controlled by a smartphone or by weather compensation controls (which link to local weather stations) to allow tenants to make big savings on their energy bills each month.




The bathroom is one of the most important rooms and one which the tenant will not have much control over. It means that it is worth carrying out some work to improve this area, whether it is remodelling, new fixtures or re-tiling. Not forgetting that it should always be clean, bright and well-ventilated.


Every landlord wants their property to be as appealing as possible to attract the best tenants so that you can benefit from good returns on the rent. There are some aspects that you can’t control, but the above will make your property stand out from the crowd and could help you to quickly find the perfect tenants.