How do your employees feel at your workplace and does this really matter? Well, according to studies, the happier your employees feel, the more productive they will be in their job. As a business owner, you should be striving to improve the experience of your employees within their workplace setting, to attract the most suitable candidates and even more importantly, to retain them.

The approach will, of course, be different for every workplace, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be extravagant with ideas. Some simple changes are perhaps all that is needed. Here are a few great perks you should consider offering as business owner:

1. A casual dress code

An inexpensive way of making your employees feel relaxed and happy in their workplace is to instil a far more casual dress code, rather than the standard suiting attire. Casual dressing means your staff members have the ability to express themselves however they wish, without feeling pressured to wear clothing they don’t feel comfortable in.

2. The option to work from home

Life can get busy, and many employees may have a great deal of personal ties at home which means travelling through traffic to get into work every day wastes valuable time. As many jobs are now computer-based, you may choose to offer a work-from-home option for employees whom you have gained your trust and are able to manage their own schedules from wherever they feel most comfortable working. Be careful how you decide to offer this perk though, as you don’t want to seem as though you are favouring some employees over others.

3. A coffee machine

You may never have thought of the idea before, but sometimes workers would be simply satisfied with being able to make a drink whenever they wish, without having to wait for their break. You could install a coffee machine an espresso machine will typically do the job. For finding the right one I’d use Youtube Reviews or something like coffeechannel. in the office so that employees have the freedom to make a drink of their choice. Find out more about coffee machine rental here. You can also consider picking up a plumbed coffee maker that hooks directly to a water line for unlimited coffee

4.  Performance bonuses

If you really aim to boost productivity in your workplace, you may consider the notion of giving bonuses if you feel certain employees have gone above and beyond to achieve. While a salary or cash sum may be the most obvious option, you may decide to have a more personal approach by paying for travel expenses, presenting them with a gift voucher for their favourite store or maybe even expensive technological devices they can use at their own leisure.

5. Paid sick days

Everyone gets ill at some point, but paying staff members a full wage even when they are too sick to come into work will truly gain their respect. Not coming into work due to illness is often looked down upon as a sign of weakness, therefore ill employees may still make the effort to come in even when they are under the weather. The downside of allowing an employee to attempt coming in when they’re ill means they are likely to pass on their germs to other team members. However, paying them a full-day wage signals that it is okay to take it easy.


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