How to Make Your Next Summer Gathering the Best Yet

Paisley food Festival

People often end up drifting apart as they get older and their lives take separate directions. People with children start to spend less time with their friends who don’t, just because their lifestyles are so different; parents who work long hours don’t get as much time to spend with their families as they would like, and schedules between the oldest of friends often end up clashing. However, when summer rolls around, and everyone has a little more free-time, it provides the perfect opportunity for relationships to be brought back together and for old friendships to be renewed. If you are thinking of having your own summer gathering with your friends and family, then here are some tips to help you make it a time to remember.


Provide the right foods


Summer gatherings are mostly about the company, but the food is important too! The most important aspect isn’t so much how much food you supply, but what foods you have on offer. Summer is all about the BBQs and cool foods with fresh flavours, so you want something which is easy to eat, but that also is right for the time of year. Keep the food light, and try and offer a small range of foods, such as pasta salads, and crisps and dips which are easy to eat while maintaining a conversation.


Get the drinks flowing


If you are holding a gathering, then you have probably already expected to supply drinks, but have you thought about what beverages you are going to have on offer? Soft drinks and beer are probably a must-have if you are having a mix of ages at your gathering, but you can also make the drinks menu more fun by being creative! Why not try mixing together a few cocktails, and leaving them in drinks dispensers where your friends and family can just help themselves, so you aren’t not having to refill cups all of the time.


Dedicate a smoking area


If you have friends who smoke, it might be nice to set up a cosy smoking area where people can go away from the general crowd. That way, you keep everyone happy by allowing people to smoke without the non-smoking guests being affected. You could make the area pleasant by adding a few seats with cushions, a table to sit around and an ashtray to keep your garden free from cigarette ends. You can also consider those guests who may want to vape instead, which can be a fun pastime, especially at a summer gathering. Get inspired with the range of great flavours and options at ultimatejuice.co.uk.


Set the mood

Finally, it is a great idea to set the mood for the gathering with some happy music and summer decorations. Why not have a few scented candles about the house to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere? Music provides some background noise so that any lapses in conversation go unnoticed, and it also gets people in more of a mood to be social. Just make sure that the music isn’t too loud so that it doesn’t drown out conversation, and don’t have any decorations which could be a potential hazard, such as low hanging items.