Studying is not easy. Working is not easy. So, obviously, when you decide to work and study at the same time, you will be anything but short on stress.

Yet, sometimes, you have to do it. And even if you do not have to do it, you might want to consider it, since there are numerous benefits connected to being a working student; most of them related to a strengthened sense of responsibility and greater confidence in managing your budget.

Apart from it, there is nothing better than learning how much effort you need to put in to succeed since then you will value each opportunity much more realistically than before.

Can Students Work and Excel at School?


Yes, we know, you have heard that you cannot be a part time student and achieve excellent results multiple times. Sure, there are many people that do not know how to handle both, but on the other side, there are many that prove these notions wrong, doing part time work and still excelling in their studies.

In fact, at times, they are even doing better than their non-working colleagues, and we are not talking only about their college years, but about life in general as well. With the rivalry on the job market increasing with each passing day, students that have already packed on work experience while they were still behind the bench, have more options when searching for a job after graduation.

So, how do those people do it? How can you be sure that you achieve a healthy and efficient student/work balance and keep both your scores and your income in check?

Well, the answer is both easy and hard at the same time.

It is easy because it is simple: it all comes down to planning. And, it is hard because whether you make it or not depends solely on you and your willpower.

The Importance of Planning


Just like companies plan how and where to invest their money, you have to be smart about your time as well. That means that some sacrifices have to be made, like, for example, giving up instant gratification, and sometimes even pleasure and cutting on the things that are not bringing you any long-term results. Or, you will probably also have to learn how to keep to your schedule and stop procrastinating, using each spare moment to work on your advancement (in this case, your studies).

But, here’s the catch: if you do not want multitasking to ruin your social life and even health, you must not overdo it. That means that during the student job search you should limit yourself to part-time opportunities, and avoid working full time.

In other words, although you might want to cut on the hangouts with every group that asks you out and choose whom you spend your time with more carefully, you do not want to isolate yourself and have no time whatsoever to enjoy the best of your years.

Options for Working Students

Thankfully, there are many available part time jobs for students that you can discuss your schedule with and limit your working hours. You should also know your exam periods, and try to redistribute bigger workload to the times when you do not have to study as hard. Most importantly, do not sacrifice school because of your job. You are primarily a student, and then a part time worker.

Although you might need the money, your studies will be your support in the long run. The good news is that nowadays even if you get stuck, you can get help. There are many tutoring programs, free online courses that might deepen your understanding of topics you do not fully understand, or even writing services like, for example, the ones essayvikings offers that you can contact when you are short on time and need a helping hand with your assignments.

The Road to Success

To sum up, what you need do to if you decide to take a swim in the pool of student jobs comes down to two things: planning and time management.

You have to know how much you can handle and use this information during your student job search. When you are at work, or when you study, give all the energy you can give and keep your focus. And, when it is break time, make sure that you actually rest.

Remember that although it is important to make money, and get good grades, it is not nearly as important as preserving your physical and mental health.