Ways Video Games Can Actually Be Good for You

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Don’t Play video games!!! It’s a waste of time and will spoil your health. Isn’t that something you would normally hear from elders? But what if research says it’s not? There’s no point in twisting yourself over the unproven research which says video games make kids violent. New research lists out the ways in which video games are beneficial. While not unbelieving this research completely, you should take this with a grain of salt and remember moderation is the key.


There are many interactive websites providing educational video games for the kids and online gaming sources come up left and right, providing everything from gambling to best online slots designed especially for adults. There are billions of people worldwide who spend hours, on average, playing various online games. Some of the video games make you a better human being by making changes in certain areas of the brain. Video games and some of the best online casino games help people work through anxiety, brain injuries, depression and chronic illnesses. And activating the gameful mindset helps people heal better, and faster.


Can train brain?


Studies have shown that certain games like “Super Mario” and “StarCraft” can be used to train your brain. Studies have already proven that video game players have shown a marked difference in brain structure. For example, players who played super Mario had an increase in grey matter making it ideal to treat patients with schizophrenia, PTSD and even Alzheimer’s. And, StarCraft may make you smarter making it the perfect choice to be included in therapy for ADHD. But more research needs to be done to understand why this is happening.


treat depression?


There are certain games being developed to treat depression. One such is called “Super Better”. This game is designed in such a way to activate the rewards pathway system and the hippocampus which are inactive for people suffering from depression, brain injuries and anxiety. The rewards pathway system is associated with motivation and goals while the hippocampus is associated with learning and memory.


challenge the brain?


Just how physical exercises like running or hiking or even chess can be challenging for the person doing it, your brain can also be challenged into improving itself. It can also be as addictive as challenging. The games themselves improve players cognitive development, raise their self-esteem and confidence.


help retain memory?


With age, human memory starts declining in some people while others retain their memory. The reason is people who are active and lead a busy life to retain their faculties for a longer period. Gambling needs immense concentration and thought process. For example, Poker is something that needs not only concentration, but it also happens in a social setting. So, playing poker involves many parts of your brain that otherwise is inactive. Blackjack is another activity that is good for your memory. Playing blackjack needs short-term memory which is rather needed when you get older. All you need is to exercise your brain along with your body to stay healthy. While some casino games are good for exercising your brain, anything that involves luck like slot games or Roulette won’t do anything for you other than obviously bringing you wins.


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