Why it works to be happy at work

Bringing a sense of positivity to work is sure to help you through the day, right? Let’s take a look at the statistics to find out. Additionally, if you’re an employer with employees that aren’t seeming to enjoy their working days, contact Cezanne HR for a smart HR software that will help organise your employees.


Happy workers


Were you aware that happy workers have an increase in productivity of 12% compared to those who consider themselves unhappy? That’s a lot of extra productivity!


Plus, happy people at work spend less than 10x the amount of sick days than those that are unhappy. So being happy at work not only benefits your working moral but also creates a better overall health.


What about unhappy workers?

Sadly, a disappointing 32% of us would say we are engaged in our work and a massive 70% would call their role a job, rather than a career.


Now that just doesn’t seem right, does it? People have the right to feel as though their job roles have meaning, and can lead them somewhere in life.

How do you become a happy worker?


According to a recent study, people consider close friends or relatives, generosity, freedom and trust as being the main contributors to living a happy life.


Which means for the managers out there; allow your employees a good work-life balance, give them the freedom to be trusted and offer praise when they achieve something.


As for the unhappy workers; try going into work believing you’ll have a great day, set achievable and bitesize goals, focus on the bigger tasks first and allow yourself reasonable short breaks.

Are you happy at work?

Have you ever been stuck in a job where you just don’t feel appreciated enough? Rant to us about it! Sharing your experiences with our readers

might help to let off some steam and get the conversation about mental health in the workplace flowing.


It’s important to talk about these issues when they arise, it means you can open your mind to the possibilities of improving your own outlook and gives employers an insight into what they might be doing to contribute to your unhappy work life.


All the best!