Why private jet charter is likely to overtake business class flights as the main form of executive travel

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Executives Turn to Private Jet Charters as Business Class Flights Take a Nose Dive

For many years now business class air travel has been the go to mode of transport for high flying executives. Business class became popular for offering a superior service to economy when it came to space, dining and comfort. Now, however, many executives are turning to private jet charters to reach business destinations and here we explore why.

Parallel Price Points

One of the reasons for this and perhaps the most significant is the cost. Over recent years the cost of chartering a private jet from companies such as Fly Victor has become far more competitive. Now that the price point for flying by private jet is on a par with that of flying business class, or in some instances cheaper, other considerations come into play, for instance, projecting the right image.

Corporate Kudos

Executives who are wanting to send out a positive message to clients and competitors are using private jets to increase their corporate kudos. Nothing screams success more than travelling by private jet and so here business class travel is beaten hands down – but how does the experience compare?

Luxury and Productivity

When it comes to the actual travel experience, private jets, once again, have the upper hand.  Bespoke interiors that are quiet, spacious and that feature digital connectivity are just what executives are looking for. Private jets offer the perfect working environment for busy business types to whom “time is money”.  Business class flights simply don’t offer this level of service and so private jet is now seen by many as better value.

Speed and Convenience

Business class flights are becoming more difficult to book as demand has dropped off, but even where they are still available, they aren’t as fast or convenient as flying by private jet. Passengers on private jet flights get to jump the queues at airports and once in the air, flights tend to be direct.

Plus, digital apps are now available to make chartering private jets quick and simple. Everything can be done using a mobile phone and so the whole experience is super user friendly.

This technology, coupled with a new business model where the booking system for private jets is akin to the system used by the popular taxi firm Uber, accounts for the reduction in the cost of travelling via private jet.

With prices now being comparable, while the levels of service are worlds apart is it surprising that executives are turning to private jet charters and that business class flights are taking a nose dive?