From a young age, camping is one of those activities that brings so much excitement and adventure and endless memories. From toasting the marshmallows over the fire, to building a fort out of sticks in the woods and making strange shapes on the tent wall with the torch. As you get older and start to take your little one’s camping, however, there are often a few important things to consider making sure the children are happy and settled, whilst still ensuring they have a fabulous adventure. This is where the wonderful world of glamping comes in, making your camping trip that little bit more glamorous and enjoyable for all the family!

The Right Location/Site

Choosing the right location and site is the most important factor when taking your family on a glamping trip. The first thing to do is decide on the kind of place you want to go to, somewhere with plenty of beautiful walks and things to occupy the kids. You can then start to look at the sites available around the area, which will help you to narrow down your choices. When searching for the right site, be sure to check reviews from previous campers, and check what facilities you have available, as this is key when you have children.

Friends and Family

Camping adventurous are always better with a group, and what better way to spend your time away than with your close friends and family. Glamping is so much fun, and when you have a group of you there’s room to make even more amazing memories. The children will keep themselves happy and entertained, whilst the grownups can enjoy some good food and conversations around the camp fire!

Tents, Tepees and Campervans

Deciding on your accommodation style when camping is now much more exciting than it used to be. You no longer have just the choice of a tent, as many glampers are now opting for stylish tepees, camping pods and even campervans with a cosy campervan bed. These options are ideal for glamping with the family, as you know you’ll be warm and dry no matter what the weather may decide to do, whilst also ensuring you have a comfortable spot for the little ones to sleep. Decide on the accommodation style that suits you best to make sure your camping trip is as good as it can be.

Traditional Treats

When it comes to camping, the food is always going to be limited and needs to be chosen in advance to ensure you have everything you want and need. You have to ensure you have all of the camping essentials for those cosy nights around the fire, with the most important treat being a selection of delicious marshmallows to toast and melt. Tasty crisps and dips are also perfect for taking on your adventures, as you can keep them stored in a cool place without having to worry about their shelf life.

Let Your Creativity Flow

Adventures are the main event throughout your camping trip, as they are the exciting stories you and your children will be telling all of your friends about when you get home. Being as creative as possible throughout your glamping trip will ensure that you and your family have an amazing time filled with laughter and new experiences. Whether it’s an adventurous walk through the woods, a fun nature trail around the camp site or even just some DIY crafts to decorate the tents or campervan with, so can get your little ones involved with some creative activities that will make their trip fun and exciting.


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