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Land Based Casinos Closest to Paisley

Paisley food Festival

If you happen to be in Paisley and are looking for a venue to spin some slots or play a few hands of poker, you have a couple of options.

It’s worth noting in advance that Glasgow is just a short trip away from Paisley, and you will have a few more choices to select from in the city.

The following are the best casinos in and around the Paisley area.

Admiral Casino 

You will find the Admiral on Moss Street. It’s open every day Mon-Sat from 09:00 to 20:00 and on Sunday from 11:00-17:00 as well.

This is actually a casino fully focused on slot machines. Don’t expect to find a fully fledged casino with every game under the sun. This is a venue specially designed for those who love to spin the reels and there are plenty of games to choose from.

You can’t smoke inside, but you can use eCigarettes and a range of refreshments can be brought directly to you.

Best of all, you can get 50 free spins at the Admiral. Talk to the staff when you get there.

Alea Glasgow

This one is actually in Glasgow, but it’s on the Paisley Road, making it easily accessible from Paisley itself.

This is more of what you would expect when you think ‘casino’. There are slot games, table games like roulette and craps, lots of card games like baccarat and blackjack, and there’s also a dedicated poker lounge if you fancy a showdown.

The Alea also has a nice restaurant serving up delicious grub. It overlooks the waterfront and a selection of alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed including beer, spirits and cocktails.

The entertainment at the Alea can also be great fun, with a range of tribute bands singing the night away. This is definitely a fun casino, and one we look forward to visiting again soon.

Mecca Bingo 

As the name suggests, this is dedicated to slots and bingo, and isn’t a casino per se, meaning there are no card games or dealers. Nonetheless, it’s right in Paisley on Saucel Crescent, so we thought we should include it here.

You can’t miss the Mecca building – it’s bright blue with colourful letters spelling out MECCA. You can play over 35 different slot machines and bingo goes on nonstop. If you start missing your favorite casino games, you can always indulge in it online while enjoying the bingo atmosphere at Mecca.

It’s open every day until midnight, although some days it opens at 10:30 am and other not until noon.

The Mecca is a great place to hang out with friends and have fun. It’s especially popular for hen parties and the like.

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat

Before you cross the river into Glasgow itself, there’s one more casino to consider near Paisley.

The Grosvenor is the real deal as far as fully fledged casinos are concerned. It’s a world-class operator with venues all over the country (and further afield). The full casino experience is on offer including slots, card games, table games like craps and roulette, and poker.

There are a couple of bars to unwind in and you can eat in the ‘Louisiana’ restaurant on the river. You can also enjoy all the major sports events from the bar.

This casino is open from 15:00 until 06:00 every day of the week. Don’t miss it.


As you can see, the major casinos are a little outside Paisley itself, towards Glasgow city. Paisley has a few slots and bingo halls, and this will serve most people.

If you’re looking for the full casino experience, hop in a cab or drive in towards Glasgow.